napoleon hill think and grow rich two feet from gold

Napoleon Hill and His Little-Known “Three Feet from Gold” Theory

  Video Version Text Version Total Reading Time: 2 minutes. In the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which is one of the bestselling non-fiction books of all time, Napoleon shares a theory and concept he calls being “three feet from gold”. It’s a beautiful metaphor that describes what so many of us are going through today… If you are someone who’s after a certain level of success and achievement. If you’ve got some sort of goal you want to hit in life or just a certain quantitative or even qualitative state that you want to achieve, then you ...

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irony of genius

How Your Pain and Misfortune Can Make You a Genius

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time: 2 minutes. If we a take a closer look at the people we call genius, the ones that have achieved greatness throughout their lives, we often find that they grew up in a disadvantaged matter. Incredible people like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chapin, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, J.K. Rowling, and many more had difficult upbringings. Whether it be poverty, a learning disability, family issues, or the way they grew up — there was some sort of disadvantage they had to fight against. This led to two things: hunger and ...

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snapchat takeover entrepreneur influencer

The Complete Guide to Snapchat Takeovers for Entrepreneurs

  Total Reading Time: 10 minutes. Oh, Snapchat… Are you just the latest social media app, or a pioneering multi-billion dollar platform at the forefront of digital media capturing consumer attention that’s destined for the long haul? A lot of people say it’s the latter. Solopreneurship is exploding, and for the right influencer, brand, or company — Snapchat is the single most effective and engaging way to connect with a new or existing audience. After some careful consideration and thinking through a list of ingredients every business needs, I decided to go “all in” on Snapchat and have been building my account while also connecting ...

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Love your life

How to Be Absolutely in Love with Your Life

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time: 1 minute. If you don’t absolutely love your life and love yourself, there may be two core reasons why this is happening. The first reason is that you have a life inside of you — a version of yourself — that is unlived. You have a life that has been unexpressed, and you’re resenting yourself because it’s living inside of you, this dream, this goal, this other life; and you’re not allowing it to blossom and be out in the world. The only other real core reason that this is possible is ...

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know yourself

You Don’t Know Yourself

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time: 1 minutes. Most of us are deathly afraid of one thing, and that thing is ourselves. We are afraid to actually look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the questions needed to identify who we really are and what we actually want from this experience. The reason is because it is the unknown, it’s like opening a door that’s never been opened. To know thyself can be a scary thing for a lot of people because you have to venture into this unknown, uncertain world. I’ve only begun to open ...

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wonder magnificence

The Magnificence of Life: The Key to Happiness and Living the Good Life

  Video Version Text Version Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. If there was just one skill that we could create, cultivate, and really master throughout our lives, it would be to truly see the magnificence of life. Now, why do I say that? Well, we can at least agree on the fact that achievement, money, and success are not going to lead to the highest level of fulfillment and happiness. We’ve seen overwhelming studies on this idea that experiences are now leading to more fulfillment versus material things. There are documentaries like Happy that show that it’s not money, it’s not fame, it’s ...

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Why Is Solopreneurship Exploding?

  Video Version Text Version Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. Why are so many people pursuing an alternative way of approaching your career by looking at things like freelancing, self-employment, and becoming a solopreneur? Or possibly shifting into being a contractor and looking at things like entrepreneurship and online business? It’s fascinating because every single year this is growing in the United States, and abroad. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. There is a growth happening across all age groups, genders, and generations. It’s not specific to just millennials that know how to use social media. You can see ...

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cartoon philosophy

The Re-Birth of Philosophy and Living a Life Well Lived

  Video Version Text Version Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. When we say the word philosophy we generally think of ancient wisdom. Ancient thinking and wisdom that has been passed down and was really only relevant at that point in time in Ancient history 2000+ years ago. And I think that’s unfortunate. I think that philosophy is incredibly useful and that philosophy is necessary to living a life well lived. Aristotle, a famous philosopher, argued that a genuinely happy life required the fulfillment your own physical and mental well-being.   Where Do We Go From Here? I believe that there is a ...

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work career game

Is Your Work and Career Just a Game? Here Are Two Popular Paths

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. Types of People I believe there are two types of people when it comes to the world of work and careers. We have the people that view it as a game, and realize that in order to do that type of work in which they are doing they must tap into some natural skills that they are already proficient and adept at. Their job is simply to be like a chess piece on a board and understand the landscape. By understanding the politics of the arena in which they are ...

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business winning

11 Essential Elements Your New Small Business Needs to Survive and Thrive

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time:  10 minutes. Have you ever wondered why certain companies thrive and somehow overnight just catapult off to success, while others seem to just constantly be struggling and making just enough money to survive? Throughout these years of working as a consultant and being a solopreneur, I’ve started to notice some patterns. These patterns led to a really quick list of 11 things I want to share with you that I find essential every company or brand needs in order to really survive and thrive. These also relate to the biggest mistakes that ...

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