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3 Levels of Human Evolution: How to Get More by Trying Less

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time:  5 minutes. I want to talk about one of the foundational lessons that I’ve learned and concepts I’ve really experimented with when it comes to getting more of what we want out of life. It could be money, fame, achievement, success, whatever it is we want. It all happens in these three levels of consciousness of evolution — levels of your own personal development. We can break these down into three levels. If we understand what these three levels are, how to move from one level to another, and what the ...

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Kilimanjaro Arman Assadi above the clouds

The Kilimanjaro Chronicles: Escaping Bandits, Upgraded Porridge, and a Deathly Blizzard

Total Reading Time: 20 minutes.   Day 0 – En route to Arusha, Tanzania from Nairobi, Kenya. It was 2 AM. We were sitting at a roadside “bar” on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. We’d spent the day in Nairobi, and were already enthralled by our environment. The city had awoken every sense, and it was already beginning to feel like a vivid, lucid dream. The visa office was just a few steps down the road. We stumbled in and looked around. Old posters on the walls, a few electronics, paper binders to keep track of the transactions. It took us 15 minutes ...

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Burn Your Bridges and Never Have a Backup Plan

Why You Should Burn All Your Bridges and Never Have a Backup Plan

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes. What do you see when you look at a successful human being? I see a determination, definiteness of purpose, and plan that most people are too afraid to ever create for themselves. Have you ever met anyone who achieved something important in life, something they would consider a dream, by dropping back to a plan B? It just doesn’t work that way. Backup plans are not for winners. A person with a backup plan is likely to use that backup plan. This automatically means they’ve settled for less than what they initially wanted. If you ...

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what would you do if money were no object - alan watts

What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes. There’s a question someone asked me once that I would like to ask you: What would you do if money were no object? Watch the video below, and then read on. A Question Most Can’t Answer A powerful question, isn’t it? Most of us have heard this question before, or at least thought about it in one way or another. Yet we view it as unrealistic to live a life based purely on doing what we love. In fact, many people in our Western society completely devalue this. If you want to be successful there are ...

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How to Deal with Haters: Tall Poppy Syndrome

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. Have you ever heard of Tall Poppy Syndrome? It’s a non-U.S. term (generally Australia and the U.K.) used to describe the odd situation that occurs when a person deserving of praise is instead criticized, put down, attacked, etc. by haters or negatrons, as I like to call them. This usually happens when a person decides to create new habits, or simply achieves more than before. In other words, they stand out from the crowd—or figuratively—grow too tall in a field of equal-sized poppy’s. If you ever choose to do something grandiose that others around you are too afraid to ...

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quit your job freedom boss

Why You Should Quit Your Job

  Warning: If you’re sensitive to explicit language, you won’t dig the video above :) Total Reading Time: 4 minutes Okay, be honest—how many times have you dreamed of doing that? Like most of us, probably too many times. Now I’m not necessarily saying you should walk into your boss’ office and give him or her the finger (whether they deserve it or not is a different question), but perhaps it’s time you start thinking about making a change and moving on. If you’re walking into your job every day with absolutely no excitement for what you do, can’t stand the ...

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