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How to Cure Your Procrastination Forever with This Simple Formula

Total Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes When I was in high school, I became an expert in the art of procrastination. And believe me, I was damn good. I would somehow complete homework assignments the morning they were due, and take tests with minimal studying (i.e. glancing at the chapters the night before). For years I said, “I just work better under pressure. I wait until the last minute because that’s when I get laser focused and do good work.” Cool story. Well, I got away with that in school, but it doesn’t work in the real world. We humans are basically a ...

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fancyhands assistant outsourcing

Fancy Hands Review: How to Hire Your Own Virtual Assistant for Just $15

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes. Today, we’ll be talking about Fancy Hands, a service that offers U.S. based virtual assistants to anyone in the world. I’m also going to show you exactly what to expect, and how to make the most of this investment in your freedom. The best part? It’s not expensive to get started, they’re only $29.99 a month. And you can also get 50% off your first month — so only $14.98 to start. Now, let’s dig in… We all want one thing: More free time. For what? Mainly, more time to focus on the more important things. ...

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How to Create a Custom Gmail Inbox and Save 8 Hours per Week on Email

Email. According to a McKinsey study, on average we spend 2.25 hours (or 28%) of each day on email. The average person receives/sends 105 emails a day. 2.25 hours a day equates to 45 hours per month. On email. In one year, you’ll spend 540 hours or 22.5 days on email. Shocking, isn’t it? Ready to get even crazier? Let’s crunch some more numbers using common averages. A person who generally begins working in the professional world after college is 22 years old. If this person were to retire at age 60 and never look at email again (which won’t happen), that would ...

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How to Stop Being So Busy and Instantly Reduce Stress

In our world, asking someone how things are going usually gets a response like: I’ve been so busy, I don’t have time for anything. OR… I’m just so stressed, I’m juggling a thousand things at once. Do we value being busy so much as a society that we choose to live this way? Or do we just not know how to handle the many to-do’s in our lives? Ultimately, this all leads to stress. A lot of it. There’s so much stress in our society that we have organizations dedicated to helping people deal with it. And almost all of this ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Productivity: 15 Steps to Maximize Free Time and Eliminate Distractions (Updated)

Total Reading Time: 32 minutes. Most people spend their lives reacting to external noise. Check email, click on viral article, check Instagram, like sister’s cat photo—and then back to checking email. The entire lifestyle is a reactive one. Little do we realize that our entire experience ends up becoming a reaction to this noise, rather than cultivating a proactive lifestyle. If you want to bring about flow and embrace your creative genius, creating a proactive workflow is essential. Productivity is key to success. And—ultimately—what is it we all want more of in life? Freedom. The freedom to do what we ...

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The Annual Review: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes With every new year comes the feeling that you’re starting with a fresh, clean slate. It’s likely that you spent the holidays eating, drinking, dancing and celebrating with the people you care about most. If you did it really well, it probably looked something like this: It’s a great time of year to refresh and look back on the year you just completed. You might be asking yourself some questions like… What went well? What were your major accomplishments and/or magic moments? What didn’t go well? What old habits are still preventing you from a break ...

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Effortless Email: Reclaim Your Inbox (and Sanity) and Automate Email

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the very best content from my course, Effortless Email. This project took over six months to complete. I work on a lot of different ideas and projects. Here on the site is where I talk about these projects and my learnings, along with the lifestyle I’ve designed for myself. I wasn’t always a Gmail ninja. In fact, I thought I’d be just fine sifting through my Hotmail searching for that funny viral video my friend sent me, amongst all the “male enhancement” spam emails. For years I ...

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Gmail Ninjas

11 Most Essential Gmail Labs You Must Start Using Today

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes Total Action Time: 3 minutes  I am a Gmail freak. I have two personal accounts, three “work” accounts, and two Google Apps accounts for my domains. In comparison to others, I’d most likely be classified as a Power User—or as Google likes to call it, a Gmail Ninja Master. Through the years, especially during my time at Google, I’ve developed a full-blown email management system that automates and simplifies my process for checking, reading, and sending emails. I’ve read countless books and articles, and purchased many products and services to become a Gmail Ninja. My Solopreneur ...

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ATM Bank Fees

Get Rid of ATM Fees Once and For All

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes ATM fees are unnecessary. We shouldn’t have to pay them, and if you use the strategy below you never will again. Not only do ATM fees happen way too often, but it’s essentially like paying a tax or interest rate on your own money. I can’t stand having to go directly to a bank (which has limited locations) and withdraw from their ATM. Like many of you, my laziness results in using third-party ATM’s inside liquor stores and pizza shops that hit me with extravagant fees every time I withdraw. Not only do you have to pay ...

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