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The True Science of Forming Habits

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. Habits. Entire blogs are dedicated to them. Scientists and psychologists pursue lifelong vocations around their study. People, like you and I, constantly strive to break the bad ones and create new habits that inspire and challenge us to live better lives. Habits, rituals, routines—they’re all part of the same ecosystem: making positive modifications. The entire idea behind habits is to make a shift, with the outcome resulting in a positive evolution for oneself. We want this growth because we’ve all tasted the good life before, even if only for a moment. We know that with a few small ...

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Meditation 101 for Busy People and Non-Hippies

I was sitting under a bodhi tree when it first happened… Enlightenment. And then I woke up from my dream and felt the sharp shooting pains in my ankles. Years of soccer has token its toll, and I can barely sit cross-legged for more than one minute. I got up, laughed it off, and thought “maybe one day I’ll figure this stuff out.” Something has always intrigued me about meditation. We’ve all heard about the many benefits (summary of research studies, Harvard Business Review, Wired Magazine). Why then do more of us not partake in this ancient, beneficial spiritual practice? ...

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The Psychology of Happy: A Case Study on 4 Real People and the Truth about Happiness

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes My friend Jonathan is the kind of guy who shows up at the airport and purchases a flight the day of his departure. He doesn’t make appointments, he rarely commits to events in advance, and hardly ever prepares for anything. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy and believes in living as spontaneously as possible. You could say Jonathan is living for today. My friend Rachel is driven by success. She lives by her calendar and knows exactly where she’ll be at any given time in the next three months. She’s organized and will always give you a yes ...

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Man growth street

Want to Grow? How to Make Tiny Changes That Produce Enormous Results

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes. An Odd Interim I was in 7th grade. I rode around everywhere on my GT Mach One BMX bike. I rarely ever did my homework. I didn’t pay attention in class. And I didn’t care to listen to anyone, especially if it was unsolicited advice. I hung out with a sixteen year old homeschooled kid that was obsessed with vampires and Marilyn Manson. Eventually, I became obsessed with those things too. He slept in until 4 PM every day, and we’d hang out after I got home from school. My other friends were kids that rebelled against ...

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How to Stop Being So Busy and Instantly Reduce Stress

In our world, asking someone how things are going usually gets a response like: I’ve been so busy, I don’t have time for anything. OR… I’m just so stressed, I’m juggling a thousand things at once. Do we value being busy so much as a society that we choose to live this way? Or do we just not know how to handle the many to-do’s in our lives? Ultimately, this all leads to stress. A lot of it. There’s so much stress in our society that we have organizations dedicated to helping people deal with it. And almost all of this ...

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