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How to Make Money ($2,700/Month) Publishing Amazon Kindle eBooks with No Writing — Passive Income Case Study

Note: Two cool things… To help you take action I’ve created a downloadable tool called The Beginner’s Guide to Rapidly Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks — scroll down and you’ll see a form, pop in your best email and I’ll send it to you for free. There’s an awesome infographic at the bottom of this post, helpful for you visual learners. Feel free to share that or embed on your own site.   Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. Before the Dark Ages, the industrial revolution, the birth of technology, and even the internet — we had books. Books are one of the few ...

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burn your bridges

Why the Most Successful People Burn Their Bridges and You Should Too

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. Do you have a backup plan? When I left Google in June of 2012, I didn’t. I only knew one thing: it was my destiny to become an entrepreneur and the time had come. It’s quite a frightening exhilaration. If you’re an entrepreneur now, you remember the raw emotions that stir inside you the day it becomes official.   Focus on a Single Outcome In 1519, Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador, famously ordered burning the boats as his troops prepared for the impossible conquest of the Aztec Empire. Well, this may be false. Some sources, like Matthew Restall’s ...

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How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere, and Live a Fascinating Life

Total Reading Time: 2.5 minutes. Know the feeling when you hear a ridiculous statement or opinion that makes you want to rip your hair out and pray for humanity? I used to get offended easily by perspectives that conflicted with my own. I would try to see and appreciate the new perspective, but couldn’t. But what is an opinion anyway? An opinion is just an individual’s model of the world.   Making the Shift It isn’t logical that another person’s opinion should ever cause so much emotion in ourselves. Here’s an idea: what if instead of immediately judging the opinion, we shifted to ...

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11 Lessons and Hacks from 3 Speaking Gigs in 3 Days

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. I clicked play slideshow on my Macbook Pro, picked up the clicker, and looked up. 100 or so young, sharp, bright-eyed people were staring right at me. I had their complete, undivided attention. So I did what every pro does — immediately started shaking and getting nervous. “Just introduce yourself and go with the slides”, I thought. I botched the first minute, but no one knows. Because of the insane amount of time I put into practicing the presentation (lesson #6), my autopilot turned on and I got through the first couple minutes. Speaking is an incredibly nuanced, ...

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The Recipe to Career Fulfillment and Living Your Passions — Confluence

Total Reading Time: 3.5 minutes. It’s not enough to do what you love. You must identify your confluence. Too many people with platforms promote the idea of finding your purpose, your passion, and doing what you love. While this will definitely lead to short-term fulfillment, it’s not enough. If you want a successful and fulfilling career, you’ll need to find and own your confluence. The first time I came across a concept like this was in The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau. After dedicating myself to identifying this, I’ve found there are three key pieces. The intersection of these pieces will ...

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5 Step Framework for Becoming an Expert and Achieving Mastery

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. Why would you ever want to be an expert? Pride. Money. Fame. Interest. Ego. Passion. Lifestyle. Career. All commendable answers. All things that are worth working and fighting for. But here’s another motivation for developing expertise in something: Freedom. Yup, this is another way to create complete freedom (and fulfillment) in your life. Here’s how: all expertise is relative. Meaning, if you know even slightly more than I do about copywriting, you’re an expert (in my eyes). Becoming an expert means you create demand for your raw skills, knowledge, and intellectual property. And when you’re in demand, your ...

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7 Minutes to Launching Your Blog or Website on WordPress

Total Action Time: 7 minutes. Step one to becoming a solopreneur and creating your Freedom Lifestyle: start a website or blog. Of all the advice I read on the interwebs when I was starting out online, this was the best one. You don’t need to know exactly what you’re creating yet (I had no idea when I started this blog). As with every new venture, simply starting and taking the first step is the most important thing you can do. Unfortunately, this advice to start a blog doesn’t amount to much when every single voice out there is yelling different things. “Is ...

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15 Best Online Business Ideas for Solopreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

Intro & Bolded Text Reading Time: 2 minutes. Full Content: 13 minutes. One aha moment can change your life. It did for me. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to write this piece for a long time. There are thousands all over the interwebs, and in my clearly opinionated opinion — 99% of them are junk. I’m certain of this, because I typed these same words into Google search when I first started out as a solopreneur: “online business”. Even so, I know this is something that needs to get addressed properly and I owe you an honest answer. This ...

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8-Day App Business Plan: The Ultimate Guide to Creating & Monetizing Your First Mobile App

Total Reading Time: 31 minutes (or download PDF template at end of post). Intro by Arman I have always believed that one of the most creative and exciting ways to be a solopreneur is by building an app business. When it comes to creating a Freedom Lifestyle, there are few better ways to create passive income and more freedom in your life. Developing an arsenal of money-making apps takes time and work, but these apps can end up paying you for years. I first met Chad Mureta over two years ago, while I was still working at Google. Chad had ...

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7 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Solopreneur

Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. Good lord almighty, have I made some mistakes. This isn’t easy to admit or share publicly. As I write this, I’m telling myself to imagine this is just a private journaling session and will forever stay locked up — never to be shared with anyone, anywhere. My hopes are that by being completely honest, raw, and unadulterated I can save you countless hours of headache and stress. Sometimes a simple mistake or defeat can seem like the end of the world. No matter how hard you try to play the optimism game, your reason will ...

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