crossroads generation

The Self-Incarceration of a Generation: Two Choices That Shape Destiny

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. It seems like everyone has their own story. “I lost my dog when I was eight, so I can never love again.” “I had a learning disability in elementary school.” “I don’t have enough money to travel.” “I don’t have the right idea to start a business.” I’ve been miserable before. So I did what all of us does. I allowed myself to turn into a cold, lifeless, pulseless zombie. I trudged around and went through the motions. I stopped caring. Every time I questioned the misery or daydreamed about my desires I created a ...

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3 Massively Important Business & Marketing Lessons You Must Understand And Implement Today

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes It has taken me 18+ months of sleepless nights, non-stop research, and defeats to understand the lessons below. Something seems to have finally clicked. If you want to successfully sell a product or service, you must learn and implement these business and marketing lessons. These are my 3 biggest takeaways from Traffic & Conversion Summit (a digital marketing event):  Lesson 1: Understand and fully implement the framework to Customer Value Optimization Man, I love frameworks (see below). This enables you to create an optimized and profitable sales funnel for whatever product or service you’re offering. ...

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annual review woman studying

The Annual Review: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes With every new year comes the feeling that you’re starting with a fresh, clean slate. It’s likely that you spent the holidays eating, drinking, dancing and celebrating with the people you care about most. If you did it really well, it probably looked something like this: It’s a great time of year to refresh and look back on the year you just completed. You might be asking yourself some questions like… What went well? What were your major accomplishments and/or magic moments? What didn’t go well? What old habits are still preventing you from a break ...

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Effortless Email landing page

Always Be Selling: How to Create a Sales Page That Converts (For Any Product or Service)

You can have a million different million dollar ideas. But until you start testing them and building actual websites to deliver your product of service, you’ll never know if you’ve got a real business. Creating marketing, sales, landing, and squeeze pages is a huge part of that. These days, with a WordPress site you can do just about anything. I’ve personally used many different plugins and tools to create different types of sites with a variety of pages. After thorough testing you’ll find what works best for you. But, who has time for all that? Unless you enjoy that kind ...

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Boxer - James Law Photography

Solopreneur Case Study: Premier Celebrity and MMA Photographer James Law

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes I first met James Law in May of 2010 at the top of a mountain. No, seriously. I was back in San Diego, visiting my old friends and college town. At the time I was working for 3M and had a great job coming out of school. I was living in Manhattan, had a company car, expense account — the works. That weekend we went out drinking on a Saturday night, SDSU style. A friend decided to wake everyone up at 9 AM on Sunday morning and told us we we should go for a ...

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Russell Brand Jeremy Paxman BBC Newsnight interview

The Revolution: What Russell Brand Would Say About Entrepreneurship

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes “Profit is a filthy word.” – Russell Brand Russell Brand—actor, comedian, and political activist—says there’s going to be a revolution. Simply put, this is the end of the current chapter of politics and economics. If you haven’t watched the viral video above of Russell Brand being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight, you should. I respect Russell Brand. I respect anyone who has the courage to speak their mind, propose new ideas, and look for ways to help us all grow and evolve. Now, in the interview above, Russell mostly goes into how he feels ...

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best way to predict future create it - quote

The Solopreneur’s Journey: Lessons From the First 6 Months of Blogging

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve learned a lot since starting my Solopreneur journey. This blog is all about sharing those experiences with a community of Freedom Lifestyle Activists.  I want to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to create your ownFreedom Lifestyle. The question I constantly asked myself until now was: how can I share my personal experiences and provide actionable content in a balanced way? As the site grows, the impulse is to create content that pleases everyone; but ultimately, I’m speaking directly to you, and in order for that to be most effective the ...

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33 Tools Solopreneur Tools You Must Know About

List Overview Time: 2 minutes Full Reading Time: 8 minutes Technology is constantly changing and every single day a new app or tool launches that claims it will make your life easier and be your ultimate resource. Lucky for you, I like to experiment with these tools as they launch, and I’ve been able to identify which ones are here to stay and should be apart of your toolbox. A top request I constantly get is: “I need a list of all your favorite software, 1services, apps, tools, all that stuff!” Well, here it is! And 90% of them are ...

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At a networking event

7 Biggest Networking Mistakes People Make

 Total Reading Time: 5 minutes Networking is an art, and something of a balancing act. Just like negotiation (see this post/video for more on this), networking is something people are often intimidated by, but have to deal with all the time. Now, you could just hide in the bathroom if you like… But I have a better idea: don’t make the seven mistakes presented in this post, and you’ll be better off than 90% of people in the room. There are a few key keys to being a strong networker, and it really comes down to knowing how to balance the conversation ...

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That Was Easy

7 Minutes to Starting a Blog or Website on WordPress

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes Your Freedom Lifestyle journey almost certainly involves needing to create and launch or start a blog or authority website. After months and months of research, experimentation, and implementing dozens of different tools and services, I’ve narrowed down the process of starting a website or blog to just five steps. It is actually that simple. The issue is that there is an infinite amount of information, products, and knowledge out there that can confuse and overwhelm you. Well, why should you listen to me then? Because I am a compulsive researcher and learner. I’ve experimented with almost ...

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