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Effortless Email: Reclaim Your Inbox (and Sanity) and Automate Email

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the very best content from my course, Effortless Email. This project took over six months to complete. I work on a lot of different ideas and projects. Here on the site is where I talk about these projects and my learnings, along with the lifestyle I’ve designed for myself. I wasn’t always a Gmail ninja. In fact, I thought I’d be just fine sifting through my Hotmail searching for that funny viral video my friend sent me, amongst all the “male enhancement” spam emails. For years I ...

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33 Tools Solopreneur Tools You Must Know About

List Overview Time: 2 minutes Full Reading Time: 8 minutes Technology is constantly changing and every single day a new app or tool launches that claims it will make your life easier and be your ultimate resource. Lucky for you, I like to experiment with these tools as they launch, and I’ve been able to identify which ones are here to stay and should be apart of your toolbox. A top request I constantly get is: “I need a list of all your favorite software, 1services, apps, tools, all that stuff!” Well, here it is! And 90% of them are ...

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That Was Easy

7 Minutes to Starting a Blog or Website on WordPress

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes Your Freedom Lifestyle journey almost certainly involves needing to create and launch or start a blog or authority website. After months and months of research, experimentation, and implementing dozens of different tools and services, I’ve narrowed down the process of starting a website or blog to just five steps. It is actually that simple. The issue is that there is an infinite amount of information, products, and knowledge out there that can confuse and overwhelm you. Well, why should you listen to me then? Because I am a compulsive researcher and learner. I’ve experimented with almost ...

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How I Made $11,249.00 with One Email: The Art of Negotiation

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes, 30 seconds. The secret to big wins is all about learning the art of negotiation, something that scares a lot of people. Most of these people, especially those outside of the business world, see negotiating as confrontational, and find it awkward and/or intimidating. Have you noticed that those who are stronger negotiators tend to get what they want more often than not? If you can learn to redefine the way you feel about negotiating and shift the reactive emotional patterns your body takes on when negotiating in person, you can radically change your life in ...

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Gmail Ninjas

11 Most Essential Gmail Labs You Must Start Using Today

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes Total Action Time: 3 minutes  I am a Gmail freak. I have two personal accounts, three “work” accounts, and two Google Apps accounts for my domains. In comparison to others, I’d most likely be classified as a Power User—or as Google likes to call it, a Gmail Ninja Master. Through the years, especially during my time at Google, I’ve developed a full-blown email management system that automates and simplifies my process for checking, reading, and sending emails. I’ve read countless books and articles, and purchased many products and services to become a Gmail Ninja. My Solopreneur ...

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ATM Bank Fees

Get Rid of ATM Fees Once and For All

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes ATM fees are unnecessary. We shouldn’t have to pay them, and if you use the strategy below you never will again. Not only do ATM fees happen way too often, but it’s essentially like paying a tax or interest rate on your own money. I can’t stand having to go directly to a bank (which has limited locations) and withdraw from their ATM. Like many of you, my laziness results in using third-party ATM’s inside liquor stores and pizza shops that hit me with extravagant fees every time I withdraw. Not only do you have to pay ...

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