Pha That Luang, Laos' most important national monument

The Travel Bug: How You Know When It’s Time to Travel

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the past few years, I’ve started to really admire people who have strict regimens, routines, and habits that they’ve implemented into their lives. Their commitment is impressive, and then tend to be really good at getting things done and staying on track. I used to despise routines and saw them as being boring, monotonous, and lacking one of my favorite things in life: spontaneity. You see, when you travel, you’re really igniting that part of your life that desires uncertainty, spontaneity, and the unknown. As much as we love being in control and being ...

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ATM Bank Fees

Get Rid of ATM Fees Once and For All

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes ATM fees are unnecessary. We shouldn’t have to pay them, and if you use the strategy below you never will again. Not only do ATM fees happen way too often, but it’s essentially like paying a tax or interest rate on your own money. I can’t stand having to go directly to a bank (which has limited locations) and withdraw from their ATM. Like many of you, my laziness results in using third-party ATM’s inside liquor stores and pizza shops that hit me with extravagant fees every time I withdraw. Not only do you have to pay ...

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