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How to Be Absolutely in Love with Your Life


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If you don’t absolutely love your life and love yourself, there may be two core reasons why this is happening.

The first reason is that you have a life inside of you — a version of yourself — that is unlived.

You have a life that has been unexpressed, and you’re resenting yourself because it’s living inside of you, this dream, this goal, this other life; and you’re not allowing it to blossom and be out in the world.

The only other real core reason that this is possible is that you do not see the magnificence of what you already have, and that is literally life itself.

You are not witnessing. You are not present to see the beauty, magnificence, fascination and endless curiosity that is possible in this world.

Don’t let that life die inside you and don’t fail to see the magnificence of what you already have.

Follow this and you will truly love your life.



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