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17. Tipsy Talk | Investing, Freedom, & Politics

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Welcome to my first ever Tipsy Talk! Today I’m sipping and chatting with Eric Johanson and Nick Urbani (episode 2).

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage for Tipsy Talk, how it came about and the two special guests who are joining today’s special episode. [00:13]
  • Where the saying cheers originated from. [02:55]
  • Was there more free speech back in the day? [5:29]
  • Arman, Nick, and Eric get into a discussion about speaking your mind, what offends people, and being interested in the other side of the argument. [08:01]
  • Politics, issues, and differing viewpoints. [13:20]
  • Global affairs, foreign trade, and the role the US military force used for good. [20:32]
  • China rising as an economic power. [23:48]
  • What the path to an individualized self looks like to different cultures. [24:29]
  • Should business owners source from China despite the unfair treatment of factory workers or is there another way? [26:04]
  • On bringing jobs back to America. [33:56]
  • Technology displacing labor. [37:20]
  • Short-term solutions versus long-term ones. [39:53]
  • The goal of money to get a feeling isn’t the same for everyone. [54:49]
  • Risk, reward, and wealth accumulation depending on what you’re comfortable with. [59:29]
  • Are we on the verge of an economic crisis? [01:07:37]
  • Is it better to be liquid during this time? [01:19:15]
  • Different liquidation strategies when investing. [01:27:18]
  • The legalization of marijuana in the US and Arman shares a personal story of how we used to believe cannabis was a crime. [01:29:27]
  • Arman for the first time ever shares the story of his day in jail. [01:42:00]
  • Sitting in a cell across from a criminal that stabbed his brother. [01:42:56]
  • Seeing things from other people’s perspectives by putting yourself in their shoes. [01:44:33]
  • Detaching from hate and embracing differences. [01:45:37]
  • Bruce Lee and what he had to overcome. [01:53:39]
  • Should our government outlaw the police from using the chokehold? [01:56:33]
  • The difference between now and the past when it comes to the cataclysmic change that we’re seeing as a result of what’s happening globally.  [02:01:49]
  • A thought experiment on the presidential election being promoted as a reality TV show and what that would look like. [02:11:13]
  • Embracing things within one’s control while also accepting what’s outside of your control. [02:16:01]
  • Comparing America to Scandinavia. [02:24:27]
  • Beautiful closing thoughts. [02:26:09]


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