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19. Carl Jung on Psychoanalysis, Transgender Issues, and Identity in a New World with Beckett Hanan

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Beckett is a personality type expert with a focus on Carl Jung’s cognitive function theory. With 12+ years of study and independent research, he’s created assessments that have been taken by over half a million people, including Project EVO’s Brain Type Assessment™ and Elements Assessment™.

He’s currently studying to be a senior-level software engineer and is an LGBTQ+ community organizer. Though he has many interests, lately he’s spent his free time practicing with watercolors, playing Go, and building digital tools to support anti-racist work.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Beckett, Jungian Psychology and today’s rapid-fire episode. [00:29]
  • Choosing goodness through the chaos. [05:08]
  • What the game GO can teach us about AI Machine learning. [05:17]
  • The future of AI. [08:49]
  • Integrating intentional empathy into coding. [09:50]
  • Understanding other people in relationship to yourself. [15:50]
  • How does your brain work? [21:25]
  • Arman shares how quirks and abnormalities growing up often become our superpowers. [30:38]
  • Psychological types. [30:21]
  • Internally processing grief vs externally processing it. [38:49]
  • What Pantheons can teach us. [44:00]
  • The remarkability of our unconscious minds. [45:38]
  • Lucid dreaming. [46:15]
  • Dissociation as our brain’s method to protect us from trauma. [58:51]
  • Sitting and listening to people’s stories. [01:10:12]
  • Anxiety explained. [01:14:12]
  • Beautiful closing thoughts. [01:29:35]


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