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21. Nathan Chan | CEO of Foundr: From Mediocrity to Mega Success

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With a passion for entrepreneurship and people, Nathan Chan created Foundr, a global media, and education company that produces magazines, and online courses for entrepreneurs.

Millions of people consume Foundr’s content every month, and our magazine covers have been blessed by the likes of Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss and many more

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Nathan, their friendship, and Foundr. [00:28]
  • Being relentless about your mission in life and the possibilities that open up. [02:17]
  • From living in his parent’s basement to building an 8 figure + business. [05:02]
  • How Nathan’s Europe trip helped him ignite passion and purpose. [09:39]
  • Leaving Google. [12:58]
  • The feeling of being stretched to offer more of themselves to the world. [14:46]
  • True alignment that you can be dedicated to. [17:23]
  • Find and create something that’s a reflection of your personality and character. [20:56]
  • Struggling with school. [22:58]
  • Self-awareness and presence allow you to make better decisions. [25:34]
  • Trusting your intuition and your gut. [38:21]
  • Arman shares the story of creating his 7 Figure Copywriting course with Foundr. [40:00]
  • What would you do if you had to start over? [41:55]
  • Leveraging Instagram and working with micro-influencers as a powerful tool to create multimillion-dollar companies. [47:10]
  • Beautiful closing thoughts. [54:22]


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An Easier And Faster Way For Entrepreneurs To Have World-Class Copy



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An Easier And Faster Way For Entrepreneurs To Have World-Class Copy



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