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22. The Most Inspiring Woman Alive | Beating Cancer, Trail Running, & Zest for Life with Christina Vincent

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Trail runner, ultramarathoner & explorer, Christina Vincent can be found logging well over 100 miles a week where the pavement ends and the dirt path begins. It is her daily prayer in motion, an adventurous celebration for a life that was nearly taken too soon. At the age of 32, she was diagnosed with Psuedomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), a rare abdominopelvic cancer whose highly aggressive treatment included multiple organ removal and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

Having survived the multi-year gauntlet of PMP with her spirit fully intact and then some, Christina recognizes the disease as her grandmaster sensei whose lessons have lead her to a life steeped in ritual, simplicity, and integrated embodiment.  She has lived the experience of doing nearly everything right, and finding that still things can go wrong. The question then becomes, what will we make of our new situation? She challenges you to find the silver linings, even on your darkest of days. They are there. Get curious and just open your eyes. And if you do, be prepared, spontaneous bursts of joy and wonder await you…

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Christina, her fight with cancer and who she is today. [00:20]
  • Reimagination of time as a result of the pandemic. [05:33]
  • Arman and Christina get into a discussion about gifts of the quarantine, finding the silver lining and being more intentional about relationships. [06:40]
  • The glorification of being busy. [09:52]
  • What’s happening on a collective/humanity level? [10:44]
  • How sharing ideas gives them a chance to be more real and a rising of consciousness. [12:44]
  • Christina talks about her healing process and her personal journey through cancer. [15:40]
  • Viewing cancer as a master teacher. [18:43]
  • Living deeply in the richness of your consciousness is a choice. [22:15]
  • Physically adapting to breathe differently and how Christina got wildly curious about her physical form. [24:48]
  • Mechanical failure from all the surgery done to her. [30:08]
  • Reframing pain. [34:12]
  • Impermanence and its dual aspect. [35:40]
  • Death. [36:27]
  • Trail running as a celebration of life. [43:00]
  • Taking a moment to recognize what lights us up. [46:50]
  • How to experience multi-sensory moments in one’s body. [48:23]
  • Christina opens up about her childhood and the beautiful insights she gained from her family. [53:20]
  • Living to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. [56:20]
  • Ascribing meaning to the world. [01:05:17]
  • Arman talks about failure and enjoying the present moment. [01:08:48]
  • Navigating through challenges. [01:10:10]
  • Being mindful of how you speak to yourself. [01:12:15]
  • Beautiful closing thoughts. [01:16:54]


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