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25. Francis Pedraza | The Renaissance Man: How to Find Truth Through Chaos

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Francis is the founder of Invisible, an extremely innovative technology startup that provides “worksharing” as a service, blending outsourcing and automation, so your company or team can efficiently run any business process.

Growing up in a family with immigrant roots instilled in him a profound appreciation for the freedom and opportunity we all have to make the most out of this great adventure called life! 

Through studying history at Cornell and Oxford, and through his own reading in other disciplines, Francis became enamored with the pursuit of human potential, and the promise of emerging technologies in the 21st century to unlock that potential, ushering in a second, scaled Renaissance.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Francis, how they met and the topic of today’s episode. [00:14]
  • How sanity is a network effect and how tribalism works in today’s world. [04:23]
  • Arman and Francis discuss the book self-reliance. [6:25]
  • Alienated Majesty. [07:43]
  • The importance of unpacking your strong intuitive hits. [09:58]
  • The courage to have strong positions. [12:43]
  • What makes a tragic hero? [17:22]
  • Ethos vs Telos. [18:09]
  • When people stop being afraid of speaking up. [21:18]
  • Dunkirk and what conflict revealed through ultra-polarization. [23:47]
  • Arman and Francis talk about the movie Skyfall and how it relates to concealed conflict. [25:23]
  • The Road to Serfdom and fascism. [28:55]
  • Selfishness. [34:11]
  • Arman asks Francis if he has always been an alchemist of ideas. [36:56]
  • Should everyone become an entrepreneur? [39:40]
  • Taking the red pill and going into the jungle. [42:17]
  • Normal doesn’t work. [42:48]
  • What Francis is building in the tech space right now. [43:10]
  • What’s exciting about Invisible? [46:54]
  • Learning about revenue and profit margins from Henry Ford. [58:17]
  • Efficiency allows the pie to get bigger for everyone. [50:53]
  • Socialism. [52:18]
  • Francis talks about the expansive vision he has for Invisible as a service and as a company. [55:14]
  • Execution and implementation is expensive. [56:57]
  • Sequencing the corporate process genome. [58:57]
  • How to think Like Leonardo DaVinci. [01:00:44]
  • The relationship of the Wizard and the Wand. [01:00:57]
  • Steve Jobs’ original vision for the computer. [01:02:24]
  • Becoming a slave to technology. [01:03:35]
  • Nonconformity goes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship. [01:05:07]
  • Arman expresses his appreciation for the way Francis lives his life and expresses himself. [01:07:11]
  • Cognitive dissonance and losing the power to say yes. [01:12:42]
  • Villains and the banality of evil. [01:13:34]
  • Objective vs subjective truth. [01:17:17]
  • Jordan Peterson’s Psychological Significance of the bible. [01:30:50]
  • The paradox of being a classicist and an iconoclast. [01:33:36]
  • Shadow and Light within all of us. [01:37:36]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:42:10\



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