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30. Yohanna Mannelqvist | From Burnout to Bliss: A Beautiful Story of Transformation

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Raised in the idyllic Archipelago of Sweden, Yohanna Mannelqvist was born a driven career woman earning her first paycheck at the age of 14 and running her own business by the age of 17.

She moved to London to study fashion and eventually embraced the fast-paced metropolitan life as a corporate fashion executive with a glamorous lifestyle filled with travel, parties, promotions, and shopping—only to experience burnout and severe anxiety.

After years of trying to be perfect, she decided to leave her fashion career and embark on a journey across the globe alone. Through yoga, she began her healing and radically transformed her health in body, mind, and spirit.


Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Yohanna, how they met, and the topic of today’s episode. [00:13]
  • The story of living a seemingly glamorous life while experiencing emptiness underneath it all. [04:01]
  • What ultimately brought the burnout? [04:19]
  • Arman talks about being in Google and what pushed him to make the jump into being an entrepreneur. [10:48]
  • Arman and Yohanna talk about the importance of following their Northstar. [11:48]
  • Living out of alignment and the repercussions of that. [14:20]
  • Living in the future instead of the present moment. [17:05]
  • Yohanna touches on her eating disorder and the challenges she faced around that. [17:33]
  • Hitting multiple breaking moments and asking for help. [17:48]
  • An obsession with eating the right thing. [18:50]
  • What was your moment of awakening that started the process of metamorphosis? [20:37]
  • A story of searching for answers on King’s Road. [22:07]
  • Going from burnout to bliss. [22:54]
  • Yohanna talks about pivoting in her coaching business and going digital. [24:59]
  • How this pandemic is causing us to reevaluate our lives. [26:19]
  • Redefining the picture of success. [33:15]
  • What makes you happy? [33:34]
  • Living life according to your deepest values. [34:10]
  • Accelerating the art and science of happiness. [34:57]
  • Realizing that the perfect escape plan doesn’t exist. [36:19]
  • Yoga as a healing transformative practice. [38:43]
  • Saying No to an incredible fashion opportunity that people dream of. [40:08]
  • The ability to reframe suffering into a meaningful narrative. [41:24]
  • Tapping into flow and surrendering. [43:29]
  • Happiness is a choice. [44:26]
  • Spiritual practices, meditation, and morning journaling as a practice. [36:59]
  • Yoga as a way to connect to the Universe. [48:54]
  • Being intentional about self-realization. [49:34]
  • Learning how to use the body to challenge the mind. [50:34]
  • Integrating mindfulness into our lives and creating the space to return to ourselves. [54:43]
  • Practicing integrity and honoring our boundaries. [59:50]
  • What would you do if money weren’t an object? [01:02:43]
  • The universe will provide for you if you meet it halfway. [01:08:15]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:10:18]


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