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32. Stephen Cesaro | Cancel Culture, Black Lives Matter, Economics & Creativity

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If you ask me, Stephen Cesaro is a true polymath “alchemist” I’m proud to call a friend. He is a brilliant man with in-depth expertise across a wide array of topics, including politics, economics, tech, and human psychology. The perfect person to grab a glass of wine with and philosophize on just about anything. He is a seeker of truth and does not shy away from expressing that truth when necessary.

Stephen is a former trader, turned professional poker player, turned internet entrepreneur. His company, Traffic Jam, builds ecommerce brands and manages millions in ad spend on platforms like Facebook and Google.


  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Stephen, their friendship and the topic of today’s episode. [00:11]
  • Arman describes Stephen as a “master alchemist”. [03:47]
  • The cultural phenomena that we are currently experiencing. [05:33]
  • The importance of allowing nuance in conversations. [10:01]d
  • The concept of preference falsification and stronger opinions having to go underground because of the stigma of going against the cultural grain. [11:00]
  • Somatic overload in relation to Black Lives Matter. [14:04]
  • Communism and Soviet Russia. [17:04]
  • Twitter as a gateway to rabbit hole discussions. [21:36]
  • What if we could rewind time? [23:39]
  • Polarization and extremes when it comes to politics. [24:44]
  • Cancel culture in today’s world. [33:56]
  • Arman and Stephen get into a discussion about the constraints on free speech. [35:53]
  • What the repercussions of Iran’s revolution can teach us about approaching problems while keeping the big picture in mind. [47:31]
  • What is the current status of the US economy and are we headed in the right direction? [50:10]
  • Monetary systems and the credit bubble. [50:54]
  • Would the price of Bitcoin go up if the dollar collapses? [58:24]
  • Stephen shares the crazy story of how he became a professional poker.  [01:12:16]
  • Stephen talks about what it was like working in for Ray Dalio. [01:17:50]
  • Applying poker strategies to business. [01:20:09]
  • Innate curiosity, dopamine, and brain chemicals. [01:28:42]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:37:31]


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