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34. Thomas Miller | Mastering the Subconscious & Astrology as a Interpretive Framework

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Thomas Miller is a world-renowned astrologer who brings 50 years of combined education and broadcast media production and distribution to create life-changing, soul-guiding materials to help people all over the world live the very best life possible.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Thomas, their friendship, how they met and the topic of today’s episode. [00:10]
  • Thomas talks about his inherent determination to keep bouncing back and the recurring themes in his life. [06:56]
  • Choosing to look inwards instead of blaming the external world. [08:17]
  • Experiencing depression, terror, and anxiety. [10:20]
  • Unpacking astrology and chart placement meanings. [13:53]
  • How the ability to look at one’s self from another person’s eyes leads to empathy. [15:53]
  • Being radically honest and transparent about where we currently are. [18:50]
  • Can we use astrology as a map to better navigate our lives? [21:08]
  • Spirituality, soul growth, and the human experience. [21:28]
  • Detaching from physical reality. [23:50]
  • Changing our awareness. [24:18]
  • Levels of energy and what they correspond to. [24:33]
  • What you put out comes back to you magnified. [25:40]
  • The implication of the COVID virus and how it’s been affecting us. [28:37]
  • Losing loved ones to this pandemic. [32:40]
  • Finding balance between rationality and empathy. [35:34]
  • How do you begin moving energy in the right direction? [41:55]
  • What is astrology? [47:46]
  • Astrology is an ancient system that acts as a framework to make sense of reality. [48:03]
  • Understanding individual patterns and how to use them to our benefits. [49:31]
  • Humanity is going through a battle of values. [51:19]
  • Interesting planetary alignments that can give us insight into what we’re going through right now. [1:08:15]
  • The possibility of an age of spiritual renaissance. [01:14:33]
  • Compulsive desire vs resistance. [01:18:18]
  • What we resist energetically persists. [01:19:35]
  • Do aliens exist? [01:21:39]
  • News from the Pentagon that came out about non-Earth materials that have been gathered. [01:22:50]
  • Getting into the multiverse theory. [01:23:48]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:33:35]



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