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42. Mike Kamo | Dominating the Sport of Business & Building a $100M Company

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Mike Kamo is the co-founder and Global CEO of NP Brands. He’s currently building a $100 million agency at NPdigital.com

He started his career by using Digital Marketing to turnaround and scale his family’s automobile dealership during a recession. Since then he has grown businesses in different industries to large corporations and has helped companies such as Viacom, Mazda, Google, and more.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Mike, how they met, and the topic of today’s episode. [00:10]
  • Arman and Mike talk about what it takes to build a thriving business in today’s world. [05:56]
  • Mike shares how he got into entrepreneurship and how meeting Neil Patel changed the trajectory of his life. [08:40]
  • Failing forward and playing the long game. [15:25]
  • What’s the value of money? [18:22]
  • What it takes to strategically grow and scale a business. [24:42]
  • Maximizing profitability as and delivering clients the results they’re looking for. [28:28]
  • Mike gives insider tips on how to start a successful agency and where to focus on. [30:01]
  • Arman talks about the lessons he learned building Project Evo. [38:59]
  • The importance of transparent communication. [40:23]
  • How do you view leadership? [41:25]
  • Creating a healthy business partnership and finding ways to complement each other. [49:48]
  • Reframing situations and seeing the opportunities in them. [58:02]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:00:32]


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An Easier And Faster Way For Entrepreneurs To Have World-Class Copy



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An Easier And Faster Way For Entrepreneurs To Have World-Class Copy



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