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48. Kevin Kelly on God, The Future, and A.I.

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Ladies and gentlemen…an interview with the one and only, Kevin Kelly!

I have been waiting to do this interview for quite some time, and I am honored that Kevin made the time for me. This was an absolutely riveting, mind-expanding conversation.

Kevin Kelly is the Senior Maverick at Wired magazine. He co-founded Wired in 1993, and served as its Executive Editor for its first seven years. His new book for Viking/Penguin is called The Inevitable, which is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He is a futurist and a remarkable human being. I must say I agree with Tim Ferriss’s description — Kevin is truly the real-life Most Interesting Man In The World.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Kevin, how they met, and the topic of today’s episode. [00:12]
  • Kevin and Arman get into a discussion about the origins of language. [04:27]
  • Self-awareness is self-mapping. [06:38]
  • Multiple dimensions of consciousness. [09:33]
  • What A.I. can teach us about cognition and vectors of intelligence. [11:28]
  • It’s impossible to optimize for everything. [12:26]
  • Cyborgs and the extension of self that technology provides. [17:25]
  • Creating a technological future that you actually want to live in. [25:45]
  • Technology seen as a cosmic force that’s compatible with life. [30:05]
  • Kevin talks about the possibility of a future where we are able to create beings who are conscious and self-aware. [35:38]
  • Arman asks Kevin about his perspective on the concept of soul, spirit and divinity. [42:15]
  • The Paradox of creation and a self-created God. [44:43]
  • Engineering robots to feel pain. [53:10]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [54:46]


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