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55. Tipsy Talk | New President, Bitcoin, and China

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Tipsy Talk is back!

I think this is the best one yet, and the first with four of us. The great Nick Urbani and Eric Johanson are back from ep #17, and this time we also have the brilliant Stephen Cesaro from ep #32.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage for Tipsy Talk, how it started, and introduces the special guests who are joining today’s special episode. [00:11]
  • Bitcoin and betting on the election. [02:20]
  • The possibility of a Civil War type conflict. [04:29]
  • What if Trump chose to exit in a dignified way? [10:56]
  • Racism and free speech. [15:08]
  • Shifting from one political party to another. [23:07]
  • Holding onto old status quo values. [27:28]
  • America’s culture and values. [44:37]
  • China’s massive belt and road initiative. [50:05]
  • Was it a mistake for us to have opened trade with China? [01:02:00]
  • Learning from the last Cold War. [01:21:05]
  • What does a “protopian” civilization look like on a collective and individualistic level? [01:28:59]
  • Using cryptocurrency to go around legislative laws. [01:39:09]
  • Ethereum. [01:50:20]
  • What if you could own the data that links digital currency to the real world? [01:52:20]
  • The world is shifting. [02:01:55]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [02:08:28]


Mention of Eric Weinstein
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Mention of Nate silver
Mention of Ray Dalio
Mention of Thomas Hall
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Mention of Ethereum

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