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56. Steve Little | The M&A Legend on How to Exit for Maximum Value

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When it comes to scaling businesses and exiting, whether it be for himself or his clients, Steve Little is an absolute legend.

Steve is the founder and managing director of Zero Limits Ventures. He is an acclaimed serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and mergers and acquisitions expert well known for generating accelerated value growth and extraordinarily high acquisition value multiples for his companies and clients.

He sold his first company at age 15 for nearly $250,000 and never looked back. Since then he has raised more than $2B in startup and growth funding for a multitude of businesses acquiring and successfully integrating 9 companies in less than 12 months.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Steve, how they met, and the topic of today’s episode. [00:12]
  • How the pandemic has affected businesses. [06:34]
  • Mergers, acquisitions and funding. [07:40]
  • How to create the right product that’s going to generate the highest valuation and profits? [13:20]
  • Increasing transaction value. [20:37]
  • Taking a company to $100mil by being strategic. [23:02]
  • The number 1 reason capital acquisitions fail. [28:48]
  • Shortening the acquisition rate. [45:20]
  • Steve shares the story of how he sold his first company for $250,000 when he was 15 and how that started his entrepreneurial journey. [47:40]
  • Understanding the importance of having a value driver. [50:01]
  • Cultivating patience and learning how to use the waiting game to your advantage. [54:21]
  • Inspiring closing thoughts. [01:03:27]


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An Easier And Faster Way For Entrepreneurs To Have World-Class Copy



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An Easier And Faster Way For Entrepreneurs To Have World-Class Copy



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