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59. Tipsy Talk | Part 2: Ian Blair on Aliens, Skydiving, Psychedelics & Money

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So…this Tipsy Talk was a bit different this time. It was cannabis-infused and I had an amazing time with my good friend Ian Blair.

Ian Blair is an entrepreneur, extreme sports junkie, adventurer, and car enthusiast. As CEO of BuildFire, he has grown the company to over 10 million users and developed more than 10,000 apps worldwide for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Show notes:

  • How Ian approaches skydiving (0:13)
  • Should you adhere to the dictates of society or your intuition? (10:04)
  • Why it’s necessary to self-reflect on the things that define you (16:31)
  • About functional fitness and how it can improve both your physical and mental well-being (17:17)
  • Some of the little things that keep Ian positive and happy (21:42)
  • Using affirmations to positively empower and change your identity (23:59)
  • Changing the myopic mindset that reinforces success is difficult to attain (29:23)
  • Subjective truth; why things are better during COVID vs pre-COVID (31:55)
  • Is there really such a thing as not being racist? (35:57)
  • The importance of processing the notion of death early and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it (39:29)
  • What is God and how can psychedelics help with understanding (44:31)
  • Inspiring closing thoughts (54:16)



‘What you eat, what you wear, who you surround yourself with; all these things shape your mentality’

‘If you’re always taught something, you’ll keep waiting to be told what to do but if you learn what you’re taught, you’ll always find ways to improve it’


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