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60. Drew Morisey on BLM, Finding the Center, and Crushing YouTube

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I first met Drew Morisey through Clubhouse. We found ourselves talking politics I immediately noticed and respected how balanced and nuanced his views were. Since then I’ve really enjoyed connecting with Drew and believe he has some very valuable insights to share, so I’m excited to share this episode with you.

Drew Morisey is a viral content creator. His first company set out to innovate a new niche on YouTube (rap education) and succeeded. His second major venture introduced entertainment to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He is currently spearheading a social media/video team whose credits include Vice News, Kendrick Lamar, Black Eyed Peas, and many more.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: Arman sets the stage and provides background on Drew, how they met, and the topic of today’s episode (0:00)
  • What influenced Drew’s choice to become a Manchester City Football Club fan (2:26)
  • Leadership in transition: thoughts on the new America (9:38)
  • Is Biden’s plan to ‘unite’ America a good or bad idea? (15:21)
  • What sparked Drew’s interest in socio-economic affairs (16:10)
  • The American PTSD culture about guns, their security, and those in power (21:27)
  • On Biden’s tenure: will things get better, will it get worse or is it going to be the same old? (23:15)
  • Spontaneous tech censorship and why the government may need to step in to protect rights (27:54)
  • Culture curling: what did BLM do right and did the government handle it currently? (40:20)
  • The impact of having smart discuss with people who do not attach emotions to controversial issues (52:43)
  • The idea of becoming a watcher of your thoughts instead of silencing them (55:55)
  • Drew shares some tips on the 80/20 of starting a YouTube channel today (57:24)
  • How to work with the YouTube algorithm (1:02:02)
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of starting your YouTube channel (1:03:34)
  • Final thoughts (1:07:44)



‘Limiting the speech of people and censoring from social platforms will only rouse a friction in the system.’

‘Once you are no longer accredited by the public for your uniqueness, you’ll begin to get left out.’

‘Sometimes, the person leading a movement attaches a policy to it and coerces the followers to align to the policy or leave. And that’s just impractical.’

‘When you want to start a YouTube channel, it doesn’t matter the number of competitors in your niche, you just need to look for something that’ll make you stand out from competitors’


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