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62. Fact or Fiction: How to Properly Evaluate Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy theories are nothing new. The question is: how should we process these pieces of information? Chances are, most of us will believe whatever satisfies our preconceived notions, whether true or not. Here are my thoughts on this.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Intro: Arman opens the podcast stating what today’s episode covers [00:00] 
  • Some announcements [00:52]
  • The context of how Arman is going to discuss the topic of conspiracy theories [01:56]
  • On the documentary Zeitgeist: were they rational and logical, or extreme? [02:23]
  • Going back to the original purpose of this episode: the difficulty of staying objective when dealing with conspiracy theories [03:44]
  • Reaching out to Francis Pedraza for an explanation on conspiracy theories [04:50]
  • The framework in dealing with conspiracies according to Francis [05:47]
  • 83 pages of Hunter Biden’s corruption and Francis’ thoughts [06:30]
  • Viewing conspiracy theories like a prosecutor [08:22}
  • The four stages of conspiracy [09:22]
  • Becoming empirical in the face of not being able to find a plausible explanation for conspiracy theories, even if the results can be scary [12:11]
  • Restating the purpose of this episode [14:54]
  • Closing message [16:04]



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