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63. 5 Hacks to Become an Effective Public Speaker

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Falling in love with reading and writing is a conscious effort that you have to make every day. Arman shows the ropes of it by sharing some hacks on how to read effectively and how to transfer that into your writing and later into your speaking. Today’s episode is packed with how-tos of effective speaking, by emphasizing the importance of reading and writing. You’ll also find how to transfer these skills into your argument.

Show notes:

  • (0:24) Intro: Arman opens the episode with a life-hack on how to become a better public speaker for today’s topic.
  • (2:14) What’s the answer to becoming a better public speaker? Why and how to approach it?
  • (3:11) Arman shares how he became an effective speaker.
  • (4:11) How to fall in love with writing?
  • (4:34) Arman gives out a few hacks on how to read effectively and reflect it in writing.
    • (4:34) Hack 1 – To notice the words you’re reading
    • (5:11) Hack 2 – Notice how people structure their sentences and understand different levels of punctuation.
    • (6:38) Hack 3 – Write proper full sentences
    • (6:57) Hack 4 – Use the new words you learned in your writing
    • (7:15) Hack 5 – learn how to craft an argumentative essay and let it translate to your speaking
  • (6:22) One of the causes of inefficient speaking.
  • (8:26) How to translate the skill of argumentative writing into your speaking?
  • (9:28) Layout a general direction you’re going in your argument by starting with a macro
  • (12:10) A formula to capture someone’s attention while teaching.
  • (12:50) Closing thoughts



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Arman Assadi is the co-founder of Steno, a stealth A.I. startup, and host of the FLOW with Arman Assadi podcast. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Project EVO and founder of Assadi Ventures. Recently, he was featured on the cover of Foundr Magazine. His mission is to democratize wisdom. Arman bootstrapped Project EVO to multi-7 figures and raised over $1 million on crowdfunding for the EVO Planner™, which was crowned the most funded planner of all time. He also created the Elements Assessment™ and Brain Type Assessment™, proprietary personality type tests taken by over half a million people and counting. As a consultant, Arman has been the chief strategist and copywriter behind 13 different 7-figure launches. He has helped many venture-backed startups, celebrity thought leaders, social media influencers, pro athletes, and New York Times bestselling authors generate tens of millions of dollars his strategies

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