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I’m sipping on some new Yerba Mate (Cruz de Malta) I recently picked up at a random organicy health foods market in San Francisco. I first learned about mate from Tim Ferriss, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
As I take my next sip, an interesting thought goes through my mind…
We can all agree that the majority of people absolutely hate Mondays. Passionately.
Why is that?
Every Monday I see the endless stream of angry posts on my Facebook news feed about Monday. Every so often though there’s this one weirdo that posts something insane like: “It’s Primetime baby! Rock your Monday!”
That person always puts a smile on my face. In fact, that weird (and probably annoying to most) status-updater happens to be me every so often. I do really enjoy Mondays. But trust me when I say, it wasn’t always this way.
People understand on the surface level (and secretly despise) when someone tells them they love what they do. Nonetheless, until you truly and passionately love what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis, it’s hard to understand what these wacky people are talking about.
For me, I prefer not to use the word work too often. I actually really dislike it. If I had to, I would define “work” as: Time spent on revenue-producing activities. Ideally on the high dollar or high lifetime value revenue producing activities.
So as you sit there at your desk or on the sofa after a long, tiring Monday, ask yourself this:

Do I look forward to Monday? If yes, great! If not, then why?

Is it because you have an anal micro-manager boss? Because your work asks too much of you, and pays you too little? Because your work isn’t challenging enough? Because it’s not in line with what you want for your future? Or is it because you’re living a complete lie and not doing anything you actually want to be doing?
There was a quote going around recently that really stood out to me:

The most dangerous risk of all - quote randy komsar
A brilliant and awfully true quote by Randy Komsar

“The most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” – Randy Komsar

A lot of us get stuck doing things we don’t want to be doing, even when those things seem like a dream come true to others. I know that was the case for me, as well as many others who have created online businesses for themselves and committed to living a Freedom Lifestyle. Is that the case for you?
It’s clear that our ability to know we’re wasting our own time and being honest with ourselves is the tipping point for change.
Sure, I love weekends just like you do. But, I also love Mondays because it gives me a chance to reflect and ask myself, “am I really enjoying what I’m doing for ‘work’ in my life?”
So — what’s it going to be? How do you really feel about Mondays?
The first step is admitting the problem, we know that. The second step is deciding to make a change. I’m sure you’ve thought about it before, so think about it in a different way. If this truly is the only life you’ll experience, as far as you know, how do you want to spend it?
The number one regret of the dying is going through life not having had the courage to live their dreams and pursue their goals. Instead, most people settle for what others want for them instead. Living a Freedom Lifestyle means embracing your unique talents and crafting your genius.
It floors some people to be told (and eventually realize) that they may have a unique gift to bring to the world. The world needs people that are willing to step out and create. As we move forward into this new lifestyle we quickly see that 99% of people are just consumers.
It’s time to be a producer.
Now — go rock your next Monday!