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Arman Assadi

Arman Assadi — Co-founder and CEO of Project Evo and Owner of Assadi Media

Arman Assadi is the co-founder & CEO of Project EVO, where he helps creatives and entrepreneurs find their flow. Their flagship product — the EVO Flow System — is the most funded planner of all time. Arman is a contempo philosopher, consultant, and former Googler.

Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, celebrity thought leaders, and New York Times bestselling authors have consulted Arman and generated tens of millions of dollars with his strategies. He has been the chief strategist behind 12 different 7-figure product launches and worked with influential thought leaders like Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, Jason Silva, Lori Harder, Timothy Sykes, Gerard Adams, and more.

Additionally, companies like IBM, T-Mobile, PayPal, Century 21, Booking.com, and 1-800-Flowers.com have implemented Arman’s educational programs.

Arman is also an obsessive world traveler. His top five favorite countries (so far) are Cambodia, New Zealand, Cuba, Thailand, and Spain. As he says:


Teaching is my craft, reading is my fuel, philosophy is my passion, soccer is my recreation, music is my love, and travel feeds my soul.

He is based in San Francisco, CA.

The Real Story

Would you believe me if I told you I quit my six-figure job at Google, bought a ticket to Cuba, and drank Hemingway daiquiris until I found myself in a semi-intoxicated, inspired state and decided I was going to start a blog and become a “solopreneur”? I had no business idea, no backup plan, and zero technical experience.

It’s true. It’s been a roller coaster, but I’ll never look back. But why would I leave the best company in the world without a plan? More on that in a minute.

First off, you’re probably wondering, what the hell is a solopreneur? Here’s a fancy definition I created:

so·lo·pre·neur·ship. definition: noun.

1. a unique long-term strategy to self-directing your career and life

2. a modern approach to entrepreneurship with a focus on building independently owned business(es) that generate wealth through limited financial investment.

3. an ideology that allows a person’s chosen craft and lifestyle to take precedence, not the business.

Solopreneurship is a revolutionary, self-directed career approach that breaks away from conventional life. It’s about being the captain of your ship and embracing your true craft. It’s about being free — but ultimately— it’s about being fulfilled.

Keep in mind, not all solopreneurs are full-time business owners. Some of them are sidepreneurs while others are intrapreneurs who approach their careers entrepreneurially. But all solopreneurs are self-directed thinkers who believe in doing work that matters. Work that only they can do.

So yes, I left my cushy job at “The Googs”. The first couple years were hard, I was truly starting from zero and bouncing around from one idea, article, resource, etc. to the next. I remember doing Google searches for silly phrases like “online business ideas”, and being frustrated by all the shitty, spammy articles (so eventually I wrote my own). It can be an emotional roller coaster with some dark moments, but nothing in the world is better than the freedom and personal upgrade that comes with directing your own life.

I am endlessly fascinated by the adventures of life and have an insatiable hunger to fully experience each moment. while doing my part to impact people positively. People often tell me I’m an “old soul”. I’m okay with this, as long as what they’re imagining is someone like Gil Pender from Midnight in Paris.

I have a lot of sides to my personality and love connecting with just about anybody as I travel the world — young students in Burma, aspiring country music singers in Nashville, brutally honest New Yorkers, adventurous porters in Tanzania, curious backpackers from around the world, elderly hikers in Salzburg, smiling rickshaw drivers in Cambodia — it doesn’t matter. I’ve learned that everyone has an incredible story and if you’re curious and genuine enough they may share it with you.

For example, I did a 7-day hike and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with some of my best friends.

Kilimanjaro - above the clouds

I went to the World Cup in Brazil with my father and brother, something we always dreamed about doing growing up.

world cup brazil - saman baba me

I posted up on this wall in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Cinque Terre_a_2015_edited

I played with this tiger in Northern Thailand.

Thailand tiger pic

And I discovered the bluest water my eyes had ever seen at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

So yes, I’m consumed by wanderlust. As a kid, I grew up with very little compared to my neighbors, which is a lot relative to the rest of the world. (The average American is in the top 2% in the world, so not sure what everyone here is complaining about.)

Apparently, I used to like karate.

2 years - kung fu

I was a bit of a rebel growing up, but only because I incessantly questioned people and asked: “why”. Ever notice how people that don’t ask that question themselves don’t like hearing it?

I took every job so I could support myself and feel independent. My first real job was at a skating rink. I was the kid that sprayed your shoes with deodorizer (be nice to that kid). I blended smoothies at Jamba Juice, got into real estate as a mortgage consultant, took a job at Nordstrom and got really good at wearing suits, then went to Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) and was there to witness the iPhone take over the world.

Somehow I eventually got into San Diego State University, which was a major goal for me.


I started to shine in classes that embraced critical thinking and Socratic discussion. That led to my business professor recommending me for a job at 3M and moving to Manhattan. I made sure to keep the carpets lint-free at our trade shows.


After a couple of years, Google called. And after 6 months of grueling interviews, I was back in California.

Google on bicycle_2011

Now I have the type of career where no one outside of my industry has any idea what I do. One of my family members told their friend I work in I.T. Another friend thinks I’m a “motivational speaker”. And I’m sure someone out there thinks this is all just a cover for illegal activities (I’m allowed to make jokes like that, right?)

How I Spend My Time

My life’s mission is to teach and inspire people to create self-directed lives. I use psychology to help people discover who they are (their personality) and what they do best (their behavior), so they can successfully create self-directed lives.

In two sentences I just told you why and what I do. My what may change, career interests and projects usually do. But my why is here to stay — it’s my purpose. Motivation is temporary, and in business, it’s critical to know precisely why and what you do for people.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how I spend my time these days:

Project EVO

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Project EVO — an ecommerce, education, and mobile app company. In December of 2014, I shared an idea at a private annual planning retreat that became the seed for this game-changing company and movement. Our mission is to help people understand how they are uniquely wired, and provide personalized products to support their evolution. Our first product is the EVO Flow System™ — the world’s first personalized focus and productivity system. Take our free proprietary Brain Type Assessment™ and discover your unique brain type.

Copywriting Agency

I am the head instructor of Foundr Magazine’s 7-Figure Copywriting Course. For the last 5+ years, I’ve been running a high-end copywriting consulting agency that is fueled entirely through referral and word-of-mouth. My team and I have now produced 12 different 7-figure launches.

Initially, I started consulting because I missed collaborating and working directly with people. I worked with a couple companies and produced big results — massive increases in profit, higher conversions, and optimized product funnels. Today, we work with the most innovative and well-known companies, world-class thought leaders, celebrity influencers, and New York Times bestselling authors.

If you’re interested in working together and think you or your company might be a good fit, you can reach out here. If you’re looking for general consulting, I’ve opened myself up to a limited number of one-on-one consulting calls on Clarity.

Investments and Partnerships

I don’t believe in holding onto cash because early on I learned the wealth formula that truly rich people follow. As time goes on, more of how I make a buck is earned through passive income in assets. Occasionally I’ll also invest my money and/or time as an advisor into startups with people I trust.

This Website

I publish content based on what I’m learning throughout my personal journey and in my companies, with a focus on helping people like you. These days we’ve been doing a lot of video content focused on solopreneurship, self-development, philosophy, and psychology. There are no ads on the website and it’s all fully funded by me. Sometimes I recommend tools that I use and love, like on my resources page. I also have a private email list and communicate directly with readers there.

What’s In It For You

“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he’s always doing both. ”

― James A. Michener

I really love that quote, but I’m no master. I’m a student with an endless hunger to create a masterful life, and what inspires me most is sharing the lessons and journey with others.

So here’s my offer to you: let’s uncover what makes you unique, identify your professional craft, create a self-directed life, and help you thrive. Let’s explore these topics together and uncover what your true self wants in this life. And let’s set you up to be free — financially, physically, mentally — and do what you want, when you want, how you want.

Now What

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