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Is Your Work and Career Just a Game? Here Are Two Popular Paths

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. Types of People I believe there are two types of people when it comes to the world of work and careers. We have the people that view it as a game, and realize that in order to do that type of work in which they are doing they must tap into some natural skills that they are already proficient and adept at. Their job is simply to be like a chess piece on a board and understand the landscape. By understanding the politics of the arena in which they are ...

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11 Essential Elements Your New Small Business Needs to Survive and Thrive

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time:  10 minutes. Have you ever wondered why certain companies thrive and somehow overnight just catapult off to success, while others seem to just constantly be struggling and making just enough money to survive? Throughout these years of working as a consultant and being a solopreneur, I’ve started to notice some patterns. These patterns led to a really quick list of 11 things I want to share with you that I find essential every company or brand needs in order to really survive and thrive. These also relate to the biggest mistakes that ...

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5 Real-World Steps for Networking with Celebrities and World-Class Humans

  Video Version Text Version Total Reading Time:  5 minutes. If you retrace the steps that led to success for the most popular, famous leaders that we know today, you’ll often find that it was a single relationship that catapulted them to success. Here’s Uber in their early stages: @KonaTbone heres a tip. email me :) graves.ryan[at] — Ryan Graves (@ryangraves) January 6, 2010 And we all know the value of relationships. We all know that your network is your net worth. That you’re the average of the five people you associate the most with. That’s not what this is about. ...

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Dale Carnegie on How to Stop Worrying and Start Living in 5 Minutes

The worried person must lose himself in action lest he wither in despair Click to Tweet   Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time:  5 minutes. This is a quote by the great author Dale Carnegie, and the quote itself is from the book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living. I want to share the key lessons that I took out of this read. First of all, I think that the concept of worry is absolutely fascinating. I have another video on how to reduce your stress and stop being so busy. However, what Dale Carnegie talks about in ...

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3 Levels of Human Evolution: How to Get More by Trying Less

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time:  5 minutes. I want to talk about one of the foundational lessons that I’ve learned and concepts I’ve really experimented with when it comes to getting more of what we want out of life. It could be money, fame, achievement, success, whatever it is we want. It all happens in these three levels of consciousness of evolution — levels of your own personal development. We can break these down into three levels. If we understand what these three levels are, how to move from one level to another, and what the ...

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Recovering from Rejection: The Painful Truth

Total Reading Time:  4 minutes. We’ve all faced rejection at least one point in our lives. We are vulnerable. Thanks to electronic communications, we are at risk of rejections in all shapes and sizes from social media, or dating apps, where we are connected to millions of people. No matter what size or where the rejection came from, it still hurts. This was something that I wrote back in the day…   Recovering from Rejection Today is one of the first times I’ve ever felt true, disappointing, gut-wrenching, soul-crushing, rejection. I’m sort of numb and confused. While I’ve definitely experienced my fair share ...

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3 Magic Self-Awareness Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Now

Video Version Text Version Total Reading Time:  5 minutes. I want to discuss this idea of emotional intelligence. This idea of increasing your self-knowledge and your self-awareness. At this stage we all know the importance of emotional intelligence. In fact, we know now based on the science of it that your IQ is pretty much fixed. By the time you’re done being an adolescent, that IQ that you have is mostly permanent. What we do know though is that your emotional intelligence (EQ) is malleable.     It can change, it can grow, it can increase, whereas your IQ is quite ...

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REEP Challenge: How to Gamify the Art of Living

Total Reading Time: 14 minutes. I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve struggled a lot with working while traveling. Over the years I have devoured a tremendous amount of education on productivity and effectiveness and experimented with many of these various solutions. There’s always that moment in the taxi or Uber/Lyft where the drivers asks… “So are you traveling for business or pleasure?” “Umm…well, you know. It’s always kinda a bit of both!” The idealistic world of blending business and pleasure is 100% possible. I’ve done it on many occasions. Nevertheless, this blending can be the cause of much frustration, FOMO, ...

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investing in yourself

Surprising Ways Investing in Yourself is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Information without implementation is absolutely useless. Click to Tweet   Audio/Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time:  5 minutes. Greetings. I’m Arman Assadi. Welcome to our very first… I don’t know what we’re going to call these. It’s not quite a podcast. It’s like a minicast, an audiocast. We’ll call it a minicast. How about that? Welcome to our first minicast. Today’s topic is really important — about what the number one thing you need to be investing your money and hard-earned cash into. You work, you work, you work, you make money, and then you have to decide ...

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Kilimanjaro Arman Assadi above the clouds

The Kilimanjaro Chronicles: Escaping Bandits, Upgraded Porridge, and a Deathly Blizzard

Total Reading Time: 20 minutes.   Day 0 – En route to Arusha, Tanzania from Nairobi, Kenya. It was 2 AM. We were sitting at a roadside “bar” on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. We’d spent the day in Nairobi, and were already enthralled by our environment. The city had awoken every sense, and it was already beginning to feel like a vivid, lucid dream. The visa office was just a few steps down the road. We stumbled in and looked around. Old posters on the walls, a few electronics, paper binders to keep track of the transactions. It took us 15 minutes ...

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