The True Science of Forming Habits

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. Habits. Entire blogs are dedicated to them. Scientists and psychologists pursue lifelong vocations around their study. People, like you and I, constantly strive to break the bad ones and create new habits that inspire and challenge us to live better lives. Habits, rituals, routines—they’re all part of the same ecosystem: making positive modifications. The entire idea behind habits is to make a shift, with the outcome resulting in a positive evolution for oneself. We want this growth because we’ve all tasted the good life before, even if only for a moment. We know that with a few small ...

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successful entrepreneurs

The Surprising Similarity between Entrepreneurs and Alcoholics

What do successful entrepreneurs and alcoholics have in common? This isn’t a riddle, friendo. The surprising answer is what allows the best entrepreneurs in the world to continue building success after success. Watch the short video below to find out:   When I first learned about this step it really made me think. The similarities are surprising (and ironic), but it also makes a lot of sense. It’s so critical that we utilize this idea and believe in its effectiveness. From my experience, the results tend to show pretty quickly as well. – What are you doing in your career ...

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Morning ritual

How to Create the Perfect Morning Ritual (plus the Apps You Need)

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes. The topic of morning rituals is hotter than the Pareto principle and the center of the sun right now. God that was nerdy. Seriously though, no matter where you are on the interwebs you’ll run into yet another article on the importance of morning rituals. There’s a problem though: I find that most of the articles are either too complicated or too basic, to the point where they’re just fluff and not actionable. I’ve been studying and experimenting with productivity and effectiveness for years. With that said, I thought I would add my take on this topic ...

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solitude - lessons

24 Eye-Opening Life Lessons Learned from a Year of Intentional Solitude

Total Reading Time: 9 minutes. The theme of my year was intentional solitude. During this time the goal was to focus on personal growth and learning how to flex my creative muscles. Ironically, I also learned a major lesson: the fastest and most effective way to learn a new skill or concept is from other expert people. So yes, this does mean I’ll be leaving the dungeon more often now. But before I do that, I took some time to put together a list of the most eye-opening lessons I learned during this year of discovery and intentional solitude. One of ...

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mastermind - upgrade yourself

How to Instantly Upgrade Yourself with a Secret Mastermind Group

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes. In 1936 a man by the name of Napoleon Hill published a book that would go on to become the bestselling non-fiction book of all time. Within this book, Think and Grow Rich, are 13 steps for achieving anything (even riches), and living a fulfilled life. One of the most important steps in this book is forming a mastermind. I’m going to tell you exactly how to form your own, how I formed mine, and what I’ve learned from the process. When I first read the book years ago, it didn’t quite click. But since becoming a solopreneur, the principles have become ...

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ebook passive income on autopilot

How to Make Money ($2,700/Month) Publishing Amazon Kindle eBooks with No Writing — Passive Income Case Study

Note: Two cool things… To help you take action I’ve created a downloadable tool called The Beginner’s Guide to Rapidly Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks — scroll down and you’ll see a form, pop in your best email and I’ll send it to you for free. There’s an awesome infographic at the bottom of this post, helpful for you visual learners. Feel free to share that or embed on your own site.   Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. Before the Dark Ages, the industrial revolution, the birth of technology, and even the internet — we had books. Books are one of the few ...

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burn your bridges

Why the Most Successful People Burn Their Bridges and You Should Too

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes. Do you have a backup plan? When I left Google in June of 2012, I didn’t. I only knew one thing: it was my destiny to become an entrepreneur and the time had come. It’s quite a frightening exhilaration. If you’re an entrepreneur now, you remember the raw emotions that stir inside you the day it becomes official.   Focus on a Single Outcome In 1519, Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador, famously ordered burning the boats as his troops prepared for the impossible conquest of the Aztec Empire. Well, this may be false. Some sources, like Matthew Restall’s ...

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personal finance

How to Automate Your Personal Finances and Stop Worrying about Money

Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. “We’re heading to Belize with some friends to go diving at the Great Blue Hole near Belize — you should come! Can you make it?” “Umm…I’m not sure if I have the funds for that. Let me think about it and get back to you.” Or… “This is a really great investment opportunity. They are multi-family apartment complexes, and you’ll receive a check in the mail every month.” “Hmm…I don’t have enough in my checking right now, and I don’t want to touch my savings for this.” Face palm. Sound familiar? What if there was a way to ...

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rich wealth penny

I Discovered What the Rich Know about Wealth and I Can’t Keep It to Myself

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. Over the past few months I’ve discovered a big secret, and experienced a massive paradigm shift…AKA a holy sh*t moment. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been studying money, wealth, and business — yet it took me this long to figure out the secret. If you look at my bookshelf, the word “money” or “rich” appears on many of the books. The main motivation (the big why) for wanting to be rich, is probably the same as yours: complete financial freedom. The ability to do what you want, when you want, how you want…even with ...

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How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere, and Live a Fascinating Life

Total Reading Time: 2.5 minutes. Know the feeling when you hear a ridiculous statement or opinion that makes you want to rip your hair out and pray for humanity? I used to get offended easily by perspectives that conflicted with my own. I would try to see and appreciate the new perspective, but couldn’t. But what is an opinion anyway? An opinion is just an individual’s model of the world.   Making the Shift It isn’t logical that another person’s opinion should ever cause so much emotion in ourselves. Here’s an idea: what if instead of immediately judging the opinion, we shifted to ...

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