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wake up early and early rising

The Real Reason Why You Should Wake Up Early

Total Reading Time: 2 minutes. It’s Not What You Think The real reason you should wake up early has absolutely nothing to do with the conventional wisdom around the benefits of early rising. It has nothing to do with getting more done, or getting to the gym at an early hour, or having time for your morning ritual, or even making a green juice smoothie to be healthier. It has nothing to do with any of the attributes you might attach to waking up early and its benefits. The actual core, underlying root reason that a human being should wake ...

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girl subway sabbatical

Why a Sabbatical Can Massively Boost Your Focus

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes. I’m going on a blog publishing sabbatical. Before you get sad and feel like you just stepped in a puddle and have wet sock (worst thing ever), allow me to share some reasons why you may want to do the same. I’ll also share my own motivations for doing this toward the end of the article. I once learned from a brilliant man—Eben Pagan, creator of my favorite program for work effectiveness Wake Up Productive—that it’s critical to be deliberate with our time. Eben is the archetype of the modern-day internet entrepreneur. He has made tens ...

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ebook passive income on autopilot

How to Make Money ($2,700/Month) Publishing Amazon Kindle eBooks with No Writing — Passive Income Case Study

Note: Two cool things… To help you take action I’ve created a downloadable tool called The Beginner’s Guide to Rapidly Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks — scroll down and you’ll see a form, pop in your best email and I’ll send it to you for free. There’s an awesome infographic at the bottom of this post, helpful for you visual learners. Feel free to share that or embed on your own site.   Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. Before the Dark Ages, the industrial revolution, the birth of technology, and even the internet — we had books. Books are one of the few ...

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7 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Solopreneur

Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. Good lord almighty, have I made some mistakes. This isn’t easy to admit or share publicly. As I write this, I’m telling myself to imagine this is just a private journaling session and will forever stay locked up — never to be shared with anyone, anywhere. My hopes are that by being completely honest, raw, and unadulterated I can save you countless hours of headache and stress. Sometimes a simple mistake or defeat can seem like the end of the world. No matter how hard you try to play the optimism game, your reason will ...

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Boxer - James Law Photography

Solopreneur Case Study: Premier Celebrity and MMA Photographer James Law

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes I first met James Law in May of 2010 at the top of a mountain. No, seriously. I was back in San Diego, visiting my old friends and college town. At the time I was working for 3M and had a great job coming out of school. I was living in Manhattan, had a company car, expense account — the works. That weekend we went out drinking on a Saturday night, SDSU style. A friend decided to wake everyone up at 9 AM on Sunday morning and told us we we should go for a ...

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inbox zero mailbox unread

Effortless Email: Reclaim Your Inbox (and Sanity) and Automate Email

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the very best content from my course, Effortless Email. This project took over six months to complete. I work on a lot of different ideas and projects. Here on the site is where I talk about these projects and my learnings, along with the lifestyle I’ve designed for myself. I wasn’t always a Gmail ninja. In fact, I thought I’d be just fine sifting through my Hotmail searching for that funny viral video my friend sent me, amongst all the “male enhancement” spam emails. For years I ...

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used car salesman

How I Made $11,249.00 with One Email: The Art of Negotiation

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes, 30 seconds. The secret to big wins is all about learning the art of negotiation, something that scares a lot of people. Most of these people, especially those outside of the business world, see negotiating as confrontational, and find it awkward and/or intimidating. Have you noticed that those who are stronger negotiators tend to get what they want more often than not? If you can learn to redefine the way you feel about negotiating and shift the reactive emotional patterns your body takes on when negotiating in person, you can radically change your life in ...

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traveling stories logo

Interview with Emily Moberly of Traveling Stories

Emily Moberly is the founder of Traveling Stories, a 501c3 working to outsmart poverty one book at a time. Emily was featured on Forbes as one of the 10 Female Entrepreneurs in San Diego to Watch. Traveling Stories on Twitter Traveling Stories on Facebook   [The text below has been transcribed from audio] Arman: All right, Emily! Please tell us about Traveling Stories. Emily: Traveling Stories is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that exists to outsmart poverty one book at a time. We provide books to kids who do not have access to them. We also try to inspire a love for reading so ...

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quit your job freedom boss

Why You Should Quit Your Job

  Warning: If you’re sensitive to explicit language, you won’t dig the video above :) Total Reading Time: 4 minutes Okay, be honest—how many times have you dreamed of doing that? Like most of us, probably too many times. Now I’m not necessarily saying you should walk into your boss’ office and give him or her the finger (whether they deserve it or not is a different question), but perhaps it’s time you start thinking about making a change and moving on. If you’re walking into your job every day with absolutely no excitement for what you do, can’t stand the ...

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