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3 Fast Ways to Grow Your Lean Startup with Eric Ries

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time: 4 minutes. I want to go through three ways to grow your startup. I was first introduced to this idea in the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Now this isn’t something completely revolutionary, but it’s a fundamental and essential strategy all entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and anyone in business definitely needs to be reminded of.   1. Grow by Selling to Current Customers The first method that The Lean Startup talks about is known as the sticky engine. The sticky engine is when you take the existing customers that you already ...

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7 Easy Steps to Go from Blogger to Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Total Reading Time: 11 minutes. When Patrick Foster of Ecommerce Tips contacted me about doing a guest post on helping people transition or evolve from blogger to ecommerce entrepreneur, I had to say yes. I’ve had a similar evolution myself, but sadly, had to figure it all out on my own. As a solopreneur who began as a blogger, created information products, became an expert copywriter, took on consulting, created my own physical ecommerce product, and now run multiple companies and teams — I would have benefitted tremendously from the tactics laid out below. I’m hoping this in-depth article gives you ...

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The Complete Guide to Snapchat Takeovers for Entrepreneurs and Influencers

  Total Reading Time: 10 minutes. Oh, Snapchat… Are you just the latest social media app, or a pioneering multi-billion dollar platform at the forefront of digital media capturing consumer attention that’s destined for the long haul? A lot of people say it’s the latter. Solopreneurship is exploding, and for the right influencer, brand, or company — Snapchat is the single most effective and engaging way to connect with a new or existing audience. After some careful consideration and thinking through a list of ingredients every business needs, I decided to go “all in” on Snapchat and have been building my account while also connecting ...

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11 Essential Elements Your New Small Business Needs to Survive and Thrive

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time:  10 minutes. Have you ever wondered why certain companies thrive and somehow overnight just catapult off to success, while others seem to just constantly be struggling and making just enough money to survive? Throughout these years of working as a consultant and being a solopreneur, I’ve started to notice some patterns. These patterns led to a really quick list of 11 things I want to share with you that I find essential every company or brand needs in order to really survive and thrive. These also relate to the biggest mistakes that ...

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How to Create a Marketing Persona and Reach Your Audience When No One Is Listening

Total Reading Time: 10 minutes. I remember when it finally clicked. I had just finished creating and launching my first venture as a solopreneur, an online course on email management, Effortless Email, based around some education during my time on the Google Apps team. I was ready to finally start bringing in the sales. Everything I did was brand new to me. Creating screencast videos, editing, teaching online, understanding marketing psychology, creating landing pages, squeeze pages—I could go on forever, it was all brand new. Needless to say, I had invested a lot of time and energy. In this excellent personas article by Jodi Harris on Content Marketing ...

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7 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made as a Solopreneur

Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. Good lord almighty, have I made some mistakes. This isn’t easy to admit or share publicly. As I write this, I’m telling myself to imagine this is just a private journaling session and will forever stay locked up — never to be shared with anyone, anywhere. My hopes are that by being completely honest, raw, and unadulterated I can save you countless hours of headache and stress. Sometimes a simple mistake or defeat can seem like the end of the world. No matter how hard you try to play the optimism game, your reason will ...

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9 Step Guide to Protecting Your Website From Hackers

Total Reading Time: 7 minutes. I was sitting at my desk, finalizing a new post to share here on the blog when it happened. My phone vibrated. New message from a friend in San Diego. It was a picture, so (without reading the attached text) I took a look. It was…graphic. Like, “adult entertainment” graphic. At first, I thought, “wow, I guess that’s where this friendship is going…” But no, it was actually a picture of my site. Well, kind of. He had clicked a link to a post I shared on my Facebook page (it was this one actually). Rather ...

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3 Massively Important Business & Marketing Lessons You Must Understand And Implement Today

Total Reading Time: 4 minutes It has taken me 18+ months of sleepless nights, non-stop research, and defeats to understand the lessons below. Something seems to have finally clicked. If you want to successfully sell a product or service, you must learn and implement these business and marketing lessons. These are my 3 biggest takeaways from Traffic & Conversion Summit (a digital marketing event):  Lesson 1: Understand and fully implement the framework to Customer Value Optimization Man, I love frameworks (see below). This enables you to create an optimized and profitable sales funnel for whatever product or service you’re offering. ...

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Effortless Email landing page

Always Be Selling: How to Create a Sales Page That Converts (For Any Product or Service)

You can have a million different million dollar ideas. But until you start testing them and building actual websites to deliver your product of service, you’ll never know if you’ve got a real business. Creating marketing, sales, landing, and squeeze pages is a huge part of that. These days, with a WordPress site you can do just about anything. I’ve personally used many different plugins and tools to create different types of sites with a variety of pages. After thorough testing you’ll find what works best for you. But, who has time for all that? Unless you enjoy that kind ...

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That Was Easy

7 Minutes to Starting a Blog or Website on WordPress

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes Your Freedom Lifestyle journey almost certainly involves needing to create and launch or start a blog or authority website. After months and months of research, experimentation, and implementing dozens of different tools and services, I’ve narrowed down the process of starting a website or blog to just five steps. It is actually that simple. The issue is that there is an infinite amount of information, products, and knowledge out there that can confuse and overwhelm you. Well, why should you listen to me then? Because I am a compulsive researcher and learner. I’ve experimented with almost ...

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