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How to Interview and Hire Like Google (Insights from a Former Googler)

  Video Version   Text Version Total Reading Time: 6 minutes. Why Is Hiring So Difficult? Hiring is one of the most difficult things to do. But it’s also one of the most important. We all know that if we can align ourselves with the right people and bring in the best talent, that’s what will take a company or a business to the next level. And if you’re working for a company and responsible for doing the interviews, there’s an equal responsibility there. If you’re starting to scale as a solopreneur/entrepreneur and you’re bringing on different kinds of people into ...

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The Complete Guide to Snapchat Takeovers for Entrepreneurs and Influencers

  Total Reading Time: 10 minutes. Oh, Snapchat… Are you just the latest social media app, or a pioneering multi-billion dollar platform at the forefront of digital media capturing consumer attention that’s destined for the long haul? A lot of people say it’s the latter. Solopreneurship is exploding, and for the right influencer, brand, or company — Snapchat is the single most effective and engaging way to connect with a new or existing audience. After some careful consideration and thinking through a list of ingredients every business needs, I decided to go “all in” on Snapchat and have been building my account while also connecting ...

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3 Magic Self-Awareness Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Now

Video Version Text Version Total Reading Time:  5 minutes. I want to discuss this idea of emotional intelligence. This idea of increasing your self-knowledge and your self-awareness. At this stage we all know the importance of emotional intelligence. In fact, we know now based on the science of it that your IQ is pretty much fixed. By the time you’re done being an adolescent, that IQ that you have is mostly permanent. What we do know though is that your emotional intelligence (EQ) is malleable.     It can change, it can grow, it can increase, whereas your IQ is quite ...

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10 Must Have Apps for the Travel Lover

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes. It was the late Summer of 2013 and I had just finished traveling all throughout Southeast Asia for 97 days. This was my first experience with traveling while working, and many lessons were learned. The most difficult aspect of these nomadic 3+ months was not knowing who or what to trust when it came to: accommodations, transportation, and general information. Whether you have to occasionally travel for work, or are a location-independent entrepreneur, full-time vagabond, digital nomad, or travel junkie—there are a handful of apps and services that are critical to your survival. The issue is knowing which ...

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15 Best Online Business Ideas for Solopreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

Intro & Bolded Text Reading Time: 2 minutes. Full Content: 13 minutes. One aha moment can change your life. It did for me. I’ve gone back and forth on whether to write this piece for a long time. There are thousands all over the interwebs, and in my clearly opinionated opinion — 99% of them are junk. I’m certain of this, because I typed these same words into Google search when I first started out as a solopreneur: “online business”. Even so, I know this is something that needs to get addressed properly and I owe you an honest answer. This ...

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Fancy Hands Review: How to Hire Your Own Virtual Assistant for Just $15

Total Reading Time: 6 minutes. Today, we’ll be talking about Fancy Hands, a service that offers U.S. based virtual assistants to anyone in the world. I’m also going to show you exactly what to expect, and how to make the most of this investment in your freedom. The best part? It’s not expensive to get started, they’re only $29.99 a month. And you can also get 50% off your first month — so only $14.98 to start. Now, let’s dig in… We all want one thing: More free time. For what? Mainly, more time to focus on the more important things. ...

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How to Create a Custom Gmail Inbox and Save 8 Hours per Week on Email

Email. According to a McKinsey study, on average we spend 2.25 hours (or 28%) of each day on email. The average person receives/sends 105 emails a day. 2.25 hours a day equates to 45 hours per month. On email. In one year, you’ll spend 540 hours or 22.5 days on email. Shocking, isn’t it? Ready to get even crazier? Let’s crunch some more numbers using common averages. A person who generally begins working in the professional world after college is 22 years old. If this person were to retire at age 60 and never look at email again (which won’t happen), that would ...

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9 Step Guide to Protecting Your Website From Hackers

Total Reading Time: 7 minutes. I was sitting at my desk, finalizing a new post to share here on the blog when it happened. My phone vibrated. New message from a friend in San Diego. It was a picture, so (without reading the attached text) I took a look. It was…graphic. Like, “adult entertainment” graphic. At first, I thought, “wow, I guess that’s where this friendship is going…” But no, it was actually a picture of my site. Well, kind of. He had clicked a link to a post I shared on my Facebook page (it was this one actually). Rather ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Productivity: 15 Steps to Maximize Free Time and Eliminate Distractions (Updated)

Total Reading Time: 32 minutes. Most people spend their lives reacting to external noise. Check email, click on viral article, check Instagram, like sister’s cat photo—and then back to checking email. The entire lifestyle is a reactive one. Little do we realize that our entire experience ends up becoming a reaction to this noise, rather than cultivating a proactive lifestyle. If you want to bring about flow and embrace your creative genius, creating a proactive workflow is essential. Productivity is key to success. And—ultimately—what is it we all want more of in life? Freedom. The freedom to do what we ...

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Always Be Selling: How to Create a Sales Page That Converts (For Any Product or Service)

You can have a million different million dollar ideas. But until you start testing them and building actual websites to deliver your product of service, you’ll never know if you’ve got a real business. Creating marketing, sales, landing, and squeeze pages is a huge part of that. These days, with a WordPress site you can do just about anything. I’ve personally used many different plugins and tools to create different types of sites with a variety of pages. After thorough testing you’ll find what works best for you. But, who has time for all that? Unless you enjoy that kind ...

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