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REEP Challenge: How to Gamify the Art of Living

Total Reading Time: 14 minutes. I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve struggled a lot with working while traveling. Over the years I have devoured a tremendous amount of education on productivity and effectiveness and experimented with many of these various solutions. There’s always that moment in the taxi or Uber/Lyft where the drivers asks… “So are you traveling for business or pleasure?” “Umm…well, you know. It’s always kinda a bit of both!” The idealistic world of blending business and pleasure is 100% possible. I’ve done it on many occasions. Nevertheless, this blending can be the cause of much frustration, FOMO, ...

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Kilimanjaro Arman Assadi above the clouds

The Kilimanjaro Chronicles: Escaping Bandits, Upgraded Porridge, and a Deathly Blizzard

Total Reading Time: 20 minutes.   Day 0 – En route to Arusha, Tanzania from Nairobi, Kenya. It was 2 AM. We were sitting at a roadside “bar” on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. We’d spent the day in Nairobi, and were already enthralled by our environment. The city had awoken every sense, and it was already beginning to feel like a vivid, lucid dream. The visa office was just a few steps down the road. We stumbled in and looked around. Old posters on the walls, a few electronics, paper binders to keep track of the transactions. It took us 15 minutes ...

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10 Must Have Apps for the Travel Lover

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes. It was the late Summer of 2013 and I had just finished traveling all throughout Southeast Asia for 97 days. This was my first experience with traveling while working, and many lessons were learned. The most difficult aspect of these nomadic 3+ months was not knowing who or what to trust when it came to: accommodations, transportation, and general information. Whether you have to occasionally travel for work, or are a location-independent entrepreneur, full-time vagabond, digital nomad, or travel junkie—there are a handful of apps and services that are critical to your survival. The issue is knowing which ...

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living a location independent life in rio de janeiro

How to Live a Location Independent Freedom Lifestyle

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Those that live a location independent lifestyle can truly be anywhere, at anytime. Some of them even do it full-time. A big reason I left my job at Google (and the “job” world in general) was because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t escape the feeling of being locked down. When you work for someone else, you’re obligated to be where they want you to be. There are very few exceptions, and most are temporary. In America, we’re only given a standard issue two weeks of ...

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how to pack travel

How and What to Pack for Your Next Travel Adventure

Ah…packing. The unpleasant, lingering step-sister of traveling. In this short video you’ll learn how and what to pack for your next travel adventure. During this particular trip, I’ll also be working from abroad. You’ll get an overview of all the tools and equipment I recommend you carry if you’ll be doing the same. For the traveling solopreneur and digital nomad, it’s all about balancing work and play. You don’t want to feel guilty about exploring, but you also want to stay productive. I had to mess up a few times to learn the lessons. The first time it really hit ...

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6 Odd Ways to Be Productive While Traveling

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes. It was only after four days that the feelings of responsibility and guilt began setting in. I was halfway around the world, settling into life in Southeast Asia. It was a completely new reality. The culture was intoxicating and I was ready to learn more about this exotic world. The purpose of the trip was simple: to travel, work, and live the Freedom Lifestyle to the fullest. As you might guess, this isn’t an easy task, but it’s doable. You’ve been there, we all have. You finally break away from the day-to-day routine and get an opportunity to ...

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Feeding the elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

7 Tips to Living Like a Rockstar for $25 a Day In Southeast Asia

Total Reading Time: 8 minutes Everyone who’s been knows, and everyone who hasn’t has heard: Southeast Asia is cheap. You can live like a rockstar for a fraction of what you normally spend back home (if you’re smart). But, all too often, people visit Southeast Asia expecting everything to be cheap and that’s simply not the case. There are a countless number of ways you can get ripped off or pushed into a more expensive option when it’s simply not necessary. A lot of these learnings simply come with experience and awareness. I personally learned a lot during my time ...

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“Cambodian Boy”

5 Odd Lessons Learned From Long-Term Travel. #2 Was Hard to Swallow.

Total Reading Time: 8 minutes. I’M HOME. 97 days. 24 cities. 7 countries. Words can’t explain how amazing this trip was. The perspective an experience like this gives you is truly priceless. I learned a lot. I learned about human beings. I learned about myself. And I learned that most of what I’ve been taught was wrong. I learned more in three months traveling the world than I did in four years of college…wait I mean five (I went to a party school). Living, traveling, and working in different parts of the world was something I’d been dreaming of doing since I ...

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A creek turned green—off the beaten path in Bangkok

Everybody Needs a Good Slap: The Real Wake Up Call You Need When Traveling

Total Reading Time: 5 minutes Everybody — and I do mean everybody — needs a good slap. After a 12 hour flight to Japan, the impending (and equally long) layover was well worth the cramped legs and famished tummies we were left with after our United Airlines flight. The bread rolls and margarine, which were about as appetizing as what I’d imagine food to taste like in Guantanamo Bay, only helped build our appetite and excitement. Osaka exceeded all expectations, and jet lag probably only adds to the amount of bewilderment and amazement one may experience when first entering the ...

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