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12. Gerard Adams | The Millennial Alchemist: From $50 Million Exit to Creating Conscious Leaders

Gerard Adams has developed and sold several businesses; he is the co-founder of Elite Daily, which sold to Daily Mail for $50 million dollars. He has an active presence creating content as a podcaster and on social media (especially Instagram, but also Twitter), and is the entrepreneur behind Leaders Create Leaders. Known as the “Millennial Mentor,” Gerard is a conscious leadership coach, storyteller, and investor. He and Arman have worked, traveled, and even meditated together, and they spend this episode discussing such things as the selling of Elite Daily and the ways Gerard has learned to explore his inner world.

Show Notes:

  • Arman provides background information about Gerard. [0:22]
  • Gerard on leading with his heart. [6:00]
  • What is the state of the world right now? [8:37]
  • Why the current moment is an entrepreneur’s dream; it’s time to disrupt. [13:11]
  • How is Gerard adjusting his life and business [15:43]
  • The New Age media platform is us. [18:59]
  • Arman wonders what Gerard’s healing process was like. [21:06]
  • Gerard and Arman talk psychedelic microdosing. [24:49]
  • On Gerard’s favorite accomplishment or accolade [30:14]
  • Arman asks about Gerard’s thoughts and feelings surrounding the exit of Elite Daily. [35:37]
  • Why Gerard actually didn’t want to sell Elite Daily [40:25]
  • Gerard is working on his first book. [42:32]
  • Arman moves into the topic of flow and asks where Gerard is in his journey. [45:20]
  • The one word would Gerard use to describe how he is now [51:40]
  • The one thing Gerard would love listeners to learn and accept. [54:12]
  • Final words from G [57:34]


  • Learn more about Gerard
  • Elite Daily
  • About microdosing and some additional research
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