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8. Kristie Wood | The Psychology of Hell, Heaven, and Mental Health

Kristie Wood is a Doctoral Student in the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on parent adult-child relationships in the context of aging, loss, and dementia. She received her Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Cognitive Neuroscience and Creative Writing. She is a published researcher and conducts therapy as a Pre-Doctoral Clinical Trainee. In her free time, Kristie likes to write, make art, and interview psychoanalysts about grief and loss.

Contact and learn more at: KristieWood.com

Show Notes:

  • Arman introduces listeners to Kristie and the episode ahead. [0:45]
  •  How Arman and Kristie met, and their current book club connection [3:20]
  • A Carl Jung quote concerning heaven and hell serves as a launching pad for conversation — on the psychology of hell. [9:25]
  • How does Kristie define health and healthy mind? [19:03]
  • Arman dives into his own experience and addresses the “bubble of joy.” [22:05]
  • Jung on depression as a scary elderly woman at your door. Talk to her. [28:50]
  • Kristie talks about consciousness and navigation of injuries and pain. [35:59]
  • There may be a feeling of unworthiness when the caretaker voice is not external. [44:28]
  • What are heaven and hell? [47:25]
  • Pain can bring about different effects in people’s lives. [56:45]
  • Kristie defines a healthy mind space that integrates both good and evil. [1:02:10]
  • Arman and Kristie discuss the topic of suicide, their personal history with it, and Kristie’s first counselee. [1:10:17]
  • The purpose of life and embracing a full spectrum of emotion [1:19:11]
  • What does Kristie want to pioneer, focus on, and contribute? [1:22:01]
  • Arman shares a deeply personal tragedy and traumatic experience. [1:33:21]
  • How can we make sense of a mother’s pain? [1:39:12]
  • Kristie’s final thoughts on grief and meaning [1:45:45]


  • Kristie’s website
  • Kristie’s email: [email protected]
  • Text Arman at 619.825.2595 to share your thoughts on the episode and let him know if you’d like to hear more from Kristie!

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