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9. Michael Dash | From Addiction and Misery to Flow

Michael G. Dash is an entrepreneur, best-selling author of Chasing The High, business coach, recovering addict, speaker and philanthropist. He founded the F.A.T.E. series (From Addict to Entrepreneur) published on Thrive Global & Medium and MD Coaching and Mentoring where he works with entrepreneurs helping them double their revenues while focusing on clarity, consistency and connection allowing them to step into the true leader they were meant to be. He is the co-founder of the Activated.Life, a social movement focused on inspiring a culture of positivity, authenticity, passion, empathy, and resilience while giving back to others. Michael is an avid volunteer, fundraiser, and mentor, and is dedicated to bringing positive change to leaders of all kinds.

You can reach Michael via his website at www.michaelgdash.com where you can join his weekly newsletters and get the first two chapters of his best-selling book Chasing The High free. His audiobook can be found on Audible at: https://amzn.to/37wwOsO

Show Notes:

  • Arman introduces himself and Michael. [0:18]
  • Why text/SMS is the new email.  [2:49]
  • Going from addiction to flow. [7:10]
  • What happens when you get out of alignment [14:36]
  • Michael’s “Alignment Assessment”. [17:38]
  • What happens when you relinquish control?  [28:44]
  • The “what-ifs” syndrome. [43:49]
  • Self-recognition is the necessary, painful step. [46:46]
  • Michael shares what his biggest discovery was while finding his flow. [52:57]
  • What’s next for Michael? [1:00:10]


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