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6. Susan Barnes | The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Susan Barnes (@likewatersheflows) is a global citizen facilitating the evolution of human consciousness through meditation & intuitive spiritual guidance. She joins this episode of FLOW with Arman Assadi to discuss her life, intuition, work and much more.

Show Notes:

  • Arman describes Susan’s view on life as a ‘magic carpet ride’ and she unpacks this, sharing how she views and lives her life. [9:30]
  • How is Susan able to surrender to what life might bring without being paralyzed by fear. [12:35]
  • What can truly understanding your own fear do to help stimulate growth and assist in realizing purpose [15:00]
  • Susan explains how the book The Eternal Validity of the Soul cracked [her] open.” [16:03]
  • Susan unpacks how listening to her true self and following her intuition was able to help her experience a new calmness in a personal struggle.  [21:35]
  • Certainty is an illusion. [27:48]
  • What do Susan and Arman think about how the future and the continued growth of technology and rise of artificial intelligence can affect human evolution. [35:46]
  • What is Susan currently working on? [43:35]
  • How can we learn from the religious tradition of remembering. [50:36]
  • Susan explains how her upbringing has shaped her. [55:36]
  • The two discuss what they’re seeing around them in the current global pandemic. [1:14:00]
  • Susan shares her final thoughts with Arman [1:23:47]



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