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I’ve learned a lot since starting my Solopreneur journey. This blog is all about sharing those experiences with a community of Freedom Lifestyle Activists.  I want to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to create your ownFreedom Lifestyle.

The question I constantly asked myself until now was: how can I share my personal experiences and provide actionable content in a balanced way?

As the site grows, the impulse is to create content that pleases everyone; but ultimately, I’m speaking directly to you, and in order for that to be most effective the content will need to be relevant to the journey of Solopreneurship and the Freedom Lifestyle.

Initially, I had a vision for what I was trying to create and the people I was trying to reach, but I made a common amateur mistake: I tried to speak to too many people.

I wanted to provide good how-to’s and content on a variety of topics, but not all those topics are relevant to the two types of people that I’m speaking directly to: the solopreneur and the yet-to-make-the-leap solopreneur.

Either you’ve always dreamt of working for yourself and creating your own Freedom Lifestyle, or you’ve already made the commitment and now you’re looking for unique, awesome content to help you create automated/passive income streams.

This means the focus of this blog is Solopreneurship and the Freedom Lifestyle. 

Just in the past few months I’ve learned more than in the past few years combined! I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’ve had some major “aha moments” and I’m at a stage where I can say everything I’ve learned and implemented is really starting to click.

Some of the things I’ve worked on in the past few months:

  • Email marketing: Everything from capturing email addresses through custom opt in pages to autoresponder sequences
  • Analytics and A/B testing: conversion rates, open rates, opt in rates, etc.
  • Copy: There is nothing more important than the words we’re using, even when you’re not selling anything!
  • Freelancing
  • Launching websites/blogging
  • Consulting/Mentoring
  • Creating a course/product
  • Paid (media) and organic traffic
  • Membership websites 
  • Sales funnels
  • Joint ventures
  • How to deal with the naysayers and haters
  • How to focus and manage the incredible amount of information everywhere

Additionally, I’ve learned a lot about what not to do, which can be a painful learning experience. 

Sometimes I forget how mentally difficult it was to leave my job at Google (even though I always knew I wanted to work for myself) because I’m so deeply immersed in my new lifestyle.

I feel that it’s incredibly important that I continue to address exactly how you too can leave your job without any fear (step-by-step), and do exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.

My Freedom Lifestyle involves a ton of travel, because it’s passion of mine. This is how I choose to use my freedom, and how I feel most fulfilled in life. As I travel, my business and projects continue. The Summer of 2013 will be spent in Southeast Asia. Mainly Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, but who knows where the journey will actually take me once I get there.

I travel to see new parts of the world and gain perspective on the different ways us humans live. As I travel, I will share the experience of what it’s like to manage and conduct a business from abroad.

Also, this is also about me taking action (“walking the talk”) and living the Freedom Lifestyle as I’ve always envisioned it for myself.

Spending a Summer abroad in a foreign land like Southeast Asia may not be your ideal lifestyle, but taking the steps to live proactively and build a life for yourself through Solopreneurship will allow you to do what you want, when you want, and how you want.

That’s why I made the leap. And that’s why I created this site and began blogging: to share the journey with you.