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Over the past few years, I’ve started to really admire people who have strict regimens, routines, and habits that they’ve implemented into their lives. Their commitment is impressive, and then tend to be really good at getting things done and staying on track.
I used to despise routines and saw them as being boring, monotonous, and lacking one of my favorite things in life: spontaneity.
You see, when you travel, you’re really igniting that part of your life that desires uncertainty, spontaneity, and the unknown. As much as we love being in control and being certain, we also crave uncertainty.
Routines with work, exercise, friends, family, and so on; allow us to be very productive and we get into the habit of, well, being habitual.
This is good. We feel good. We feel in control. But, what if you start to have too much control?
Maybe you’ve lost your spark and your ability to really enjoy the moment? Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re starting to lose your patience more often? Or maybe you’re in a situation right now where every little thing seems like it’s the end of the world? Have you lost the fresh perspectives you once learned from new friends or recent travels?
If you go too long without travel or just switching up your routine, you’re sure to start to feel like you’re living in a fog. It’s easy to fall into this pattern, it happens to almost everyone.
When you live this way, your life starts to lose that spark, and everything becomes a little too easy, a little too relaxed, and you get stuck in all the minutiae of everyday life. Your senses seem to almost go on vacation.
All of a sudden you may get the urge to switch things up. To make a change, create a new routine, or get out and leave your hometown. That’s where the travel bug comes in—we’ve all felt it.
Traveling reignites the passion for life. It gives you fresh perspective. It awakens all five of your senses. When you don’t know what you’re going to see or experience next, you feel extremely present and aware.
When you travel, you feel alive, awake, with unlimited amounts of energy. When I travel, I barely need any sleep. How can that be?
And if you, like me, have embraced the particular type of travel where you’ve tossed the itinerary and travel guides, and you simply land in a destination and just figure things out as you go, then you are truly going to feel alive and have the time of your life.
If you’re feeling like you’ve been drifting along, or can feel the travel bug coming on, then it’s probably time to get out there and explore. Give yourself the gift of seeing a new place, and meeting new people from unique cultures with different values.
If you’ve never left the country, or haven’t been somewhere the average person wouldn’t go, I recommend you try a new place.
And when you come back, bring the same excitement, openness, spontaneity, and passion to your everyday life. It’s not 100% necessary to travel in order to live the type of life I’m describing, but it definitely helps.
Where are you going next?